Oil Type Does Make a Difference!

Today’s higher performance BMW engines run at higher RPMS (Revolutions Per Minute), have more complex parts designed to continuously adjust engine tuning including engine timing, engine fuel mixture and the amount of air entering the engine to maximize performance and efficiency/gas mileage. These engines incorporate variable camshaft timing (VANOS), variable lift (how and when valves […]

2012 German Auto Industry News

2012 German Auto Industry News (4-4-2012) For many years, German cars have excelled in quality features and reliability. While many other countries’ auto industries may look bleak for 2012, the German auto industry is maintaining its stronghold. Sales in the United States are staying afloat. Additionally, sales in Russia, Japan, Brazil, India and the European […]

Looking Back in 2012: German Models of the Past

For many decades, German cars have been among the most coveted vehicles. They are known for reliability, safety and quality features. While 2012’s new lineup offers the best in technology, several past models deserve recognition. Mercedes 300SL This sleek little car first hit the showrooms in 1952. However, the most memorable versions of it were […]

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a German Car

The loyalty you have to your country may influence you to purchase an American car. You may be able to get a great deal if you buy a Japanese or Korean car. While these are certainly good reasons to purchase non-European makes, buying a German car can give you the qualities you seek in a […]

3 Exciting German Concept Cars

The Detroit Auto Show in December included major revelations from automakers from Chevy to Hyundai, including displays of many companies’ concept cars. Fans of meticulous German engineering have only one question on their minds, however: What new surprises do German automakers have up their sleeves? Here’s a look at three concept cars that you might […]

Caring For Your Audi

Caring For Your Audi (10-19-2011) Whether you have an A3, an A8 Spyder or something in between, your Audi needs the regular professional maintenance and care from German Auto Center. This preventative care will maintain both value and performance at peak levels, allowing you to enjoy your Audi for even longer. German Auto Center can […]