There’s been a lot of talk and speculation about the Mercedes MLC coupe crossover car that’s sure to give the BMW X6 a run for its money. Up until recently the general public had only caught glimpses of the exterior, but now Mercedes interior pictures of the MLC have been released.

Mercedes is known for luxury cars that feature the latest innovations, and the MLC should be no different. The exterior is decidedly different with the sporty look of a coupe and the convenience of four-door access. It blends the platform of the M-class with the grill and lights of the CLS limo and the body styling of the X6. The AMG version of the MLC also sports larger tires and wheels, the AMG exhaust tips and more substantial fenders.

For weeks we’ve had to guess at what the inside of these new luxury cars look like – until now.

What the Mercedes Interior Pictures of the New MLC Reveal

When it comes to luxury car brands no one can argue that Mercedes has a lot of offer both inside and out. While the new MLC is more like M-class on the exterior, it’s decidedly more like C-class in the interior and offers all the luxury styling that’s come to be expected of Mercedes.

The interior pictures show a tan and black cabin with what appears to be the COMAND infotainment system that is now in the C-class models. However, the infotainment screen appears to be larger and sits in between the dashboard air vents. Leather lines the dash and brushed aluminum accents give the interior a subdued luster. The three-spoke steering wheel and console are also reminiscent of the C-class, while the layout resembles the ML.

The MLC’s exterior is the big focus since it features brand new styling for Mercedes, so it’s no surprise that the interior isn’t a far cry from what they’ve been currently doing. It’s still to be determined where the Mercedes MLC will rank in the list of best luxury cars, but it’s certainly going to be a head turner.

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