The 2018 Audi RS 3 may be a model refresh, but it’s big news in the U.S. That’s because up until now the RS 3 sport sedan wasn’t available.

Audi is finally shipping the RS 3 sedan over to North America. The German automaker has a tendency of withholding the RS models and making us eagerly await them while other countries sport around in them. Many are already noting that the newest version of the RS 3 seems to be made for Americans. Audi itself appears to be confident 40% of the sales for the RS 3 model will come from North America.

As far as hatchbacks go, few models are as noteworthy as the RS 3 Sportsback. However, the Sportsback still isn’t available stateside.

Pricing for the New Audi RS 3

Upping the power and performance of the A3 and S3 means the starting price for the RS 3 will be a little steeper. The starting price is $54,900, but it goes up with each upgrade.

For instance, going with a specialty paint color increases the price by $1,075. Add the Dynamic plus package for extra power and it will tack on another $4,800 to the price tag.

All said and done, if you added every upgrade a fully tricked out Audi RS 3 will cost more than $72,000.

Specs That Will Rev Your Engine

Since the Audi RS 3 was first introduced, drivers have eagerly awaited each new version. Audi’s automakers continuously increase the power, performance and beauty of this machine. And 2018 is no exception.

Those who are lucky enough to drive an RS 3 sedan will feel the power and performance of:

The specs above make it clear the Audi RS 3 sedan is no slouch. Given our need for speed in America, it’s safe to assume the RS 3 may end up overshadowing the A3 and S3.

What Drivers Are Saying About the Audi RS 3

Needless to say, those that have gotten to take the new 2018 Audi RS 3 sedan for a spin are thoroughly impressed. For starters, U.S. auto experts already note that the new sedan model is more America’s speed compared to the hatchback.

The lighter aluminum parts are a big hit with drivers as well. Not only does the aluminum make the Audi RS 3 lighter and more nimble, it also makes the engine growl in a good way.

The lowered suspension and expanded stance of the new RS 3 sedan makes it handle even better than previous iterations. The steering is on point, and custom drive controls help to tweak the performance to the driver’s liking.

The Audi RS 3 has a lot of get up and go, but you’ll always feel in control. The reliable all-wheel drive, magnetorheological dampers and ceramic front brakes (Dynamic plus package) provide reassurance when you’re taking corners or need to make a quick stop.

If you’re the proud new owner of an Audi RS 3 sedan we’d love to help you create a custom maintenance schedule that will optimize performance. Give us a call today to learn more about our shop and how to schedule an appointment.

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