When Porsche plans to reveal a new model it gets people’s attention. So the announcement that three new Porsche models were going to make their world premier at the Los Angeles Auto Show generated a lot of interest. A special Porsche press conference was held during the show to officially unveil the new models.

The three models that were unveiled included:

The 911 Carrera GTS

There have been many 911 models over the years, and while the new GTS looks similar to its earlier counterparts, there are a few significant differentiations, including the exhaust and venting behind the rear tires and hood. The new 911 Carrera GTS comes in either a convertible or a coupe, and buyers can also choose between rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. Other notable features include 430 horsepower and a standard Sport Chrono package.

The Cayenne GTS

With 440 horsepower under the hood and a lowered chassis the new Cayenne GTS is super sporty. Inside and out Porsche has designed the new model to appeal to drivers that like the convenience of a utility vehicle but the sportiness of a sports car. It’s a combination of the Cayenne S and Turbo rolled into one impressive SUV. To say it has speed and power is an understatement. The new Cayenne GTS has been clocked at 163 mph and can get up to 60 mph in just 5.2 seconds.

Drivers can get the new Cayenne GTS in February, but they’ll be paying a much higher price tag compared to the standard model. At $96,495 its performance comes at a premium.

The Panamera Turbo S Executive Exclusive Series

Only 100 units of the Panamera Turbo S Executive Exclusive Series will be made making it one of the most exclusive models ever produced by Porsche. As expected, the model is amazingly luxurious and slick as can be. Despite the supple Napa leather, seat-mounted touch screen displays and walnut trim in the plush interior of the sedan, this car has a monster twin-turbo V8 engine that’s capable of producing 570 horsepower. For nearly $264,000 drivers can most certainly buy the best of both worlds.

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