5 BMW Service and Maintenance Tips for the Winter

1. Check the date and condition of your BMW’s battery. Cold weather impacts a batteries ability to produce the cranking amperage necessary to start your BMW. If your BMW’s battery is more than five years old, you should have it professionally checked. With age, a battery naturally builds up deposits internally reducing the effectiveness of […]

BMW Control Arm Bushing Repair & Replacement

From the factory, your BMW was designed to provide exceptional performance and handling in all types of conditions. With age and mileage, key suspension components such as control arm bushings, tie rods, ball joints, sway bar links and wheel bearings begin to wear and lose their effectiveness. Over time, your BMW will loose some of […]

Engine Direct Injection in German Cars

German engineering advances of the past ten-years have included numerous engine and power-train modifications. This issue is focused on the pros and cons of direct injection engine design. Direct injection is the method of how fuel is delivered into the engines combustion chamber. Direct Injection: Direct injection is used to deliver fuel directly into the […]

The Top 5 Engine & Power Train Management Innovations from German Engineers In the Past Decade

Len Gilmore, owner and operator of German Auto Center, has over 30 years plus working with German made vehicles. In the past decade alone, the industry has been taken by storm with many new and revolutionary engineering breakthroughs. German engineering advances of the past ten-years have included numerous engine and power-train modifications. In this post, […]

German Car Repair: 10 Tips You Should Know About Service and Repairs

German Auto Center of Austin specializes on German manufactured vehicles including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen and Mini Cooper. Since the 1970s that is all we have done. Over this time we have learned a lot about German made vehicles and have taken the time to share this information with you. 1. Specialized Service […]

BMW Repair and Maintenance Costs: What should I expect?

How much should I expect to pay for regular service and maintenance for my BMW? The cost of maintaining a BMW, or any high-performance automobile varies dramatically based on the condition, age and specific model. Clearly a high-performance V12 or V8 engine requires a higher level of maintenance that a four or six cylinder power […]

BMW Engines: How to Get the Most Miles Out of Your BMW Engine

BMW engines are some of the highest performing engines in the world. At German Auto Center we have been exclusively servicing German engines and specifically BMW engines since the 1970s.  Regardless of what type of BMW engine you have, here are a few tips to ensure your BMW provides you with years of service: 1)    […]

Austin BMW Car Clubs and Online Communities

For many BMW enthusiasts, simply owning a BMW isn’t enough. BMW car clubs offer not only camaraderie among owners, but can also be a valuable source of information for repair and parts questions, upcoming events, current news, racing, and cruising. Check out some of the most popular BMW clubs around the country, including car clubs […]

10 Things to Look for When Reviewing a BMW Repair & Service Shop

Your BMW is designed to provide you with exceptional performance for years to come. Specialized technicians, quality BMW parts and tools are all keys to ensure your BMW performs at optimal performance. Finding a quality BMW repair shop that won’t put a dent in your pocket can be difficult, but they do exist. BMW owners […]

Buying a Late Model BMW vs Pre-owned BMW

There is nothing like the excitement of driving off in a new BMW model. The thrill of being the first to be behind “The Ultimate Driving Machine,” can excite any BMW enthusiast. With all new performance upgrades and the dependability of the BMW brand, many new owners are created every day. But what about pre-owned […]