Welcome to the German Auto Center Audi Owner’s Resource Guide!

We’ve created the ultimate reference tool that specifically addresses owning an Audi in Austin. From the climate to the traffic to the quality of local Audi repair shops, where you live greatly affects the longevity and use of your vehicle.

The Audi Owner’s Resource Guide includes everything you need to know about maintenance and Audi repair in Austin. In the guide you’ll find information on

-Owners manuals
-Service dates
-Common repairs and maintenance
-Specific model information

 Your Audi is an investment that provides miles of high-performance as long as it’s taken care of. The resource guide is designed to help Austin Audi owners become more familiar with their model and fully understand how to maintain the vehicle while living and driving in Central Texas.

 When you understand your Audi inside and out it’s easier to maintain the vehicle on your own and find Audi repair shops that you can trust. When properly maintained and repaired an Audi can keep going for thousands of miles no matter where you live. The guide is extensive, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for please give us a call at 512-452-6437 and one of our Audi experts will be happy to help.

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