If safety and dependability are top priorities, then the Audi A4 should be at the top of your list. The Audi A4 model has been awarded a 5-Star Overall Safety Rating and it was named a 2018 Top Safety Pick.

Enhanced safety is just one reason to love the A4. The number of updates that are packed into the affordable package makes the Audi A4 a great buy, and it’s also easy on the eyes.

Keep reading to learn more about the model and owning an Audi A4 in Austin.

The Audi A4 Model Essentials

The Audi A4 turns heads with attractive S line exterior features, and things just keep getting better below the surface. This model is outfitted with an impressive amount of features and performance for the price. And when you don’t feel like driving, the Audi A4 is equipped to do a lot of the work for you.


The Audi A4 is considered an introductory model to some, but you wouldn’t get that impression driving it. Audi A4 models have a four-cylinder engine with plenty of horses under the hood to get moving. And the Quattro four-wheel drive will ensure you hang tight to the road even when you’re breezing around corners.

The Audi A4 has fantastic performance specs and features that include:

Audi A4 Model Pricing

The newest Audi A4 model comes in at $36,000 with the premium trim. However, there are two other trims: the Premium Plus starting at $39,200 and the Prestige starting at $45,500. It’s one of the best-priced luxury vehicles on the market.

Tech Features

Driving is easier, safer and more intuitive than ever when you’re behind the wheel of an Audi A4. Many of the vehicle’s high-tech features come standard, but drivers can also add a number of technological extras that you’ll find in more expensive models.

The Audi A4 is one intelligent vehicle with tech features that include:

Common Audi A4 Maintenance in Austin

There are dozens of different maintenance needs an Audi A4 may need over the years and the courses 150,000+ miles. The most common Audi A4 maintenance needs we handle in Austin include:


It’s always best to refer to your Audi A4 owners manual in regards to optimal maintenance. The techs at German Auto Center can also help you create a custom maintenance schedule based on your driving preferences and miles traveled.


Audi A4 Repair in Austin

The Audi A4 has stood the test of time and proven to be a well-built machine. But every machine needs repair every now and then.

The most common Audi A4 repairs in Austin include:

The Audi A4 model has been around for well over two decades. During that time there have been 23 recalls.

Don’t trust your Audi A4 to a bargain mechanic, and don’t get price gouged by the dealership. German Auto Center has provided qualify Audi service in Austin for decades. Call to schedule an appointment or drop by anytime to discuss what we can do for your Audi.

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