Audi S3 Owner’s Guide

Drivers who want to enjoy the ride of a nimble luxury vehicle without spending a fortune will want to put the Audi S3 on their shortlist. Like the A3, the Audi S3 model isn’t overly spacious, but it packs in a lot of luxury features and a fair amount of power for a great price.

The review below will help you get a better feel for what it’s like to drive an Audi S3 in Austin. 

The Audi S3 Model Essentials

When the Audi S3 model finally made its way to the U.S. in 2016 it already had a following in Europe. It’s the most affordable S model in Audi’s lineup giving many more drivers the ability to experience elevated power and performance. Most owners would agree the S3 is a fun, sporty little sedan that’s a great introduction to Audi ownership. 

Audi S3 Performance 

Dollar for dollar it’s hard to beat the Audi S3 when it comes to performance. It’s extremely quick, and the Quattro all-wheel drive has excellent hook. Through the steaming dry summers, occasional downpours and rare snowfall the Audi S3 will still provide above-average handling. The only true shortcoming that drivers have noted is cornering that isn’t quite as smooth as they’d like. 

The new Audi S3 model’s performance specs include: 

Audi S3 Pricing

Like the Audi A3, the S3 comes in two models that are close in price:

Audi S3 Premium – Starting at $43,000

Audi S3 Premium Plus – Starting at $45,600

Tech Features in the New Audi S3 Model

The Audi S3 isn’t known for its tech, but that doesn’t mean owners get shortchanged. For the price, Audi has included a good number of standard tech features, and there are a slew of optional, high-tech driver assist features that enhance safety so collisions are less of a concern.

The Audi S3 comes with tech features like: 

Audi S3 Repair in Austin

The Audi S3 is highly reliable in terms of repair. It’s not common for the S3 to experience electrical or engine problems, but it’s been known to happen. The Audi S3 repairs we see the most in Austin include: 

Repairs are also needed if there’s a recall on the Audi S3. The last recall to affect the Audi S3 was in September 2019 for an electrical issue that caused the passenger occupant detection system to fail. 

Common Audi S3 Maintenance in Austin

Keeping your Audi S3 performing like new requires regular maintenance. Audi recommends that owners start taking 15 maintenance measures early on to find issues quickly and prevent repairs down the road.

Audi S3 maintenance that should be taken starting at 5,000 miles include:

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