The Audi S4 has come a long way since 1991. This supped up version of the highly popular Audi A4 was destined to be a long-running favorite. The newest models are even more revered by driving enthusiasts than previous versions. But performance isn’t the only upgrade you’ll find in the Audi S4.

Learn what sets this sporty sedan apart and what it’s like to own an Audi S4 in Austin.

The Audi S4 Model Essentials

For those who want a step up from the A4 in status, luxury and power the Audi S4 won’t disappoint. It’s sleek exterior more than hints at the sedan’s sportiness. But it’s also an indicator that this model sacrifices fuel efficiency for performance. However, getting fewer miles per gallon is one of the few shortcomings of the S4.


The 3.0 turbo-six-powered engine of the Audi S4 is an improvement on the Audi A4’s impressive four-cylinder engine. While it does handle more like a sports car, the S4 is still comfortable for everyday driving. Where the Audi S4 stands out is responsiveness. Like the Audi A4, the S4’s all-wheel drive helps it grip the road and take off.

The performance specs you can expect from the Audi S4 include:

Audi S4 Model Pricing

A new Audi S4 will set you back $51,400 before adding on extras. Adding the S Sport Package will increase the price by $2,500. Step up to the Prestige trim and an S4 will cost $55,800 before upgrades.

Tech Features

The Audi S4 model is outfitted with driver assistance systems, top-of-the-line navigation and all the comforts and convenience you’d expect in a luxury sedan. The car is intelligent enough to park itself, spot other vehicles you can’t see and provide endless entertainment for the road ahead.

The tech features of the newest Audi S4 include:

Common Audi S4 Maintenance in Austin

All vehicles require regular maintenance and the Audi S4 is no exception. All-in-all there are 31 Audi-recommended maintenance measures that should be taken over the course of 150,000 miles.

The most common Audi S4 maintenance needs we see in Austin include:

When in doubt refer to your Audi S4 owners manual. It’s your go-go maintenance reference guide. If you want a custom maintenance schedule that’s crafted around the way you drive and the local driving conditions give German Auto Center a call.

Audi S4 Repair in Austin

The Audi A4 has stood the test of time and proven to be a well-built machine. But every machine needs repair every now and then. The average S4 owner brings their vehicle in once a year to address minor issues and make sure their Audi is in perfect working condition.

Common Audi S4 repairs in Austin include:

The Audi S4 model has been around for nearly three decades. During that time there have been 94 recalls. While that sounds like a lot, many problems were minor fixes rather than serious engine issues.

When you own a well-built luxury sedan you want to make sure it stays that way. At German Auto Center every driver gets high-quality Audi S4 service in Austin that’s on par with the dealership. Call today to schedule an appointment or drop by our shop to discuss what we can do for your Audi S4.

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