Audi SQ7 Owner’s Guide

SUV enthusiasts with a need for speed were excited to see the Audi SQ7 finally arrive stateside in 2020. The SQ7 gives you a family-sized SUV that seems more like a sports car when you’re in the driver’s seat. 

If you’d like to know what it’s like to drive an Audi SQ7 in Austin keep reading to find out more.

The Audi SQ7 Model Essentials

The Audi SQ7 model is a vehicle that’s made for road trippers that value comfort and superior handling down almost any road. On a long drive you’ll appreciate the customization capabilities that make the ride safer and more comfortable no matter where you’re headed. And of course, the S badge is a clear indicator that the Audi SQ7 is just as sporty as it looks.

Audi SQ7 Performance 

The Audi SQ7 isn’t your standard SUV hauler. This is a machine designed for driving enjoyment with six other passengers in tow. It’s surprisingly quick for its size thanks to the quattro all-wheel drive system that grips the road while the V8 engine accelerates. For even better handling you can add on a Sport package with quattro sport rear differential and active roll stabilization. 

The Audi SQ7 model’s performance specs include: 

Audi SQ7 Pricing

For $84,800 you can get a Premium Plus Audi SQ7. Upgrading to the Prestige model will cost you at least $90,400. 

Tech Features in the New Audi SQ7 Model

Audi is easily one of the most technologically advanced automakers and the SQ7 model is a perfect example of their innovation. Even the standard model comes equipped with impressive tech like customizable gauges and wireless phone chargers. For Audi, it’s all about keeping drivers connected and comfortable on the road.

The Audi SQ7 comes with tech features like: 

Audi SQ7 Repair in Austin

The year 2020 was a marquee moment for the Audi SQ7 in the U.S. Although the SQ7 is new, the Q7 has been a popular model in America for years. The new all-wheel drive version could end up having some of the same repair needs as its predecessor. Those repair needs include:  

There have also been a number of issues related to the PCM software. If it needs an update the software can create problems like engine misfires.

Common Audi SQ7 Maintenance in Austin

You might still be thousands of miles away from the first round of maintenance, but the Audi SQ7 is a daily driver that will get there sooner than you know it. When you reach 5,000 miles it’s time for:

German Auto Center makes Audi SQ7 service in Austin more affordable without sacrificing quality. Our techs have over 100 years of experience working on european luxury vehicles both classic and new. If you need Audi SQ7 repair, maintenance or performance upgrades give us a call!

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