Audi TT Roadster Owner’s Guide

Experience the freedom of the open road like never before in the Audi TT Roadster. Even though you can drop the top, the TT Roadster feels just as secure and stable as the TT Coupe. That’s largely because of all the automation and driver customization, which makes this convertible intuitive to drive.

Below we provide more details on what it’s like to own and drive an Audi TT Roadster in Austin.

The Audi TT Roadster Model Essentials

The Audi TT Roadster model is very reminiscent of the TT Coupe with one key difference – you can retract the roof. The newest generation is lighter and more powerful than before, which is impressive given that it has a competitive price for its class.


It may not have as much horsepower as the TT RS, but the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine in the lightweight Audi TT Roadster provides noticeable power. It’s also a vehicle that can handle all sorts of driving conditions thanks to the variable torque delivery and custom drive modes. Sure, you’ll want to take it for a spin on sunny days, but even when the weather isn’t perfect there’s no reason to keep the TT Roadster in the garage.

Some of the new Audi TT Roadster performance specs include:

Audi TT Roadster Pricing

With a vehicle like the TT Roadster you only need one trim, which is what you’ll get for a starting price of $47,450.

Tech Features

One of the most technologically advanced features of the Audi TT Roadster is the soft top. It’s engineered to help minimize noise, drops down with the push of a button in less than 10 seconds and operates while the car is in motion. But that isn’t the only feature that makes the TT Roadster a high tech ride.

Other innovative tech features in the new Audi TT Roadster include:

Common Audi TT Roadster Maintenance in Austin

Once you hit 5,000 miles it’s time to start regular maintenance on the Audi TT Roadster. About every 5-10,000 miles you’ll need to give the car a good once over to make sure everything is in tiptop shape.

Early and frequent Audi TT Roadster maintenance needs include:

You could follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, or you could create a custom maintenance plan for your Audi TT Roadster. At German Auto Center we give you the ability to personalize maintenance based on your unique driving preferences. Find out how we can keep your Audi TT Roadster in the best condition possible with a custom maintenance plan.  

Audi TT Roadster Repair in Austin

When that shiny new Audi TT Roadster rolls off the assembly line it’s in perfect working condition. But with age comes wear, tear and repairs. Because the Audi TT Roadster is a fun little ride, it’s not uncommon for drivers to push it a little too hard at times.

A few common repairs for the Audi TT Roadster include:

The TT Roadster has been a part of a few recalls. One of the latest recalls was in September 2016 for potentially faulty software that could make side marker lights inoperable. There was another recall in November 2009 for fuel tank ventilation valve issues.

Get high quality Audi TT Roadster service in Austin at an unbelievably low price. Our techs are just as reliable as the dealership mechanics, but we don’t charge inflated rates. Call the shop today to learn more about our TT Roadster repair, performance and maintenance services. 

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