Mercedes CLA Coupe Owner’s Guide

Right away the Mercedes CLA Coupe is a surprising vehicle. That’s because this slick coupe actually has four doors. The amount of detail, quality and performance that Mercedes delivers with the CLA lineup for the very affordable price is also astounding. It’s an incredible value for driving enthusiasts on a budget.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to own and drive a Mercedes CLA Coupe in Austin this overview will provide a little more insight.

The Mercedes CLA Coupe Model Essentials

The Mercedes CLA Coupe lineup isn’t a family car. It’s a little too tight in the back for that. However, it is a fun little car for people who are entering the luxury market. It’s also a great vehicle for drivers who are looking for efficiency without going electric. The ignition system is designed to use less fuel without sacrificing performance or comfort.


The turbo four cylinder engine has a decent amount of power for the CLA Coupe’s size. Some drivers have noted the acceleration could be more responsive. But keep in mind this is an entry level coupe, not the AMG GT. But you can always upgrade to the peppier AMG CLA 45 with 4MATIC® all-wheel drive.

The new Mercedes CLA Coupe performance specs include: 

Mercedes CLA Coupe Pricing

The base Mercedes CLA 250 Coupe model is surprisingly affordable at $33,100. Of course, if you start adding options it can get pricey The other two models are slightly more expensive.

Tech Features

Mercedes may have held back a little in the power department, but the CLA Coupes can come with some of the best tech the German automaker has to offer. Most of the tech features are an upgrade, however there are some noteworthy standard features.

The new Mercedes CLA Coupes comes with tech features like: 

Common Mercedes CLA Coupe Maintenance in Austin

Putting thousands of miles on your Mercedes CLA Coupe model is a lot of fun, but it also means maintenance is right around the corner. Every 5,000 miles or so it’s time to take a pit stop to check everything out. The must-do maintenance measures include:

Owning a luxury vehicle increases the need for above average maintenance. That’s exactly what you’ll get with a custom maintenance plan from German Auto Center. Our experienced techs work with you to create a schedule that’s based on how, where and when you drive. Give us a call to learn more. 

Mercedes CLA Coupe Repair in Austin

Reliability is one of the high points for the Mercedes CLA Coupe. Drivers don’t have to deal with repairs very often. As the lineup ages, 2014 models are most likely going to need one of the repairs below:

The last recall involving the CLA 250 was in 2017. Overall, there have been 10 recalls – 5 for the body & interior, 3 for electrical & lights, 1 for brakes and 1 for engine components.

Get Mercedes CLA Coupe service in Austin that’s just as good a value as your car. German Auto Center offers dealership quality service at a local shop price. Give us a call to schedule Mercedes CLA Coupe maintenance, repairs and upgrades.

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