Volkswagen Golf GTI Overview

Recently the Volkswagen Golf got a reboot, and now the model is known as the Golf GTI. It was a reboot that proved to be successful given that Autotrader named the Volkswagen Golf GTI the Best New Car of 2022. It’s certainly a favorite among drivers that prefer a manual over an automatic. 

Keep reading to find out why people enjoy driving a Volkswagen Golf GTI in Austin.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Model Essentials

If you don’t mind the compact design, the Volkswagen Golf GTI could be the perfect hatchback. It’s based on one of the original hot hatches so it’s got a great foundation. The difference is the Golf GTI is sportier than ever. 

There’s lots of appeal for someone who wants a fun daily driver with enough space for five people. The Golf GTI is simultaneously practical yet feels like a sporty go-kart at times when you’re behind the wheel.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance 

If you’re basing it just on the engine description (2.0L TSI®, 16-valve, DOHC, in-line 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with intercooler and FSI®) the Volkswagen Golf GTI has a lot to offer in the way of performance.

While some have noted that the interior is less than impressive on the Volkswagen Golf GTI, that’s probably because focus was put on what’s under the hood. Experts and owners alike agree that the Golf GTI handles extremely well with the brake system and the tight steering being the two highlights. 

The latest Volkswagen Golf GTI model features the following performance specs: 

Volkswagen Golf GTI Pricing

The Volkswagen Golf GTI starts at just $29,880 MSRP. But if you upgrade it to the Autobahn trim the price goes up by almost $10,000. 

Tech Features in the Volkswagen Golf GTI Model

When Volkswagen revamped the Golf they weren’t about to be conservative on the tech features. Volkswagen has received a lot of praise for making a number of high-tech features standard on the Golf GTI. There are few vehicles in the same price point that offer extras like a wireless charging pad that are usually an upgrade.  

Some of the tech features that you can expect to find in the newest Volkswagen Golf GTI are:  

Volkswagen Golf GTI Repair in Austin

Even if you are good to your Volkswagen Golf GTI, you may run into a problem that requires a repair. Some repairs are from driver error or general wear and tear but others can be due to mechanical shortcomings that can strike without warning. 

The Volkswagen Golf GTI repairs you may have to address include:

Common Volkswagen Golf GTI Maintenance in Austin

Keeping your Volkswagen Golf GTI in top condition isn’t just a matter of making repairs. Maintenance is even more important since it can help you prevent problems down the road. Regular maintenance for the Volkswagen Golf GTI model includes: 

When you need Volkswagen Golf GTI service in Austin you can count on the experienced techs at German Auto Center. With over 100 years of combined experience you know you’ll get quality service at a fair price. Call today to schedule a Volkswagen Golf GTI repair, maintenance or performance upgrades.

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