Volkswagen Golf R Owner’s Guide

Like the Golf GTI but wish it had more power and all-wheel drive? Then Volkswagen made the Golf R for you. The Volkswagen Golf R has the same innovative hatchback design, but it’s even sportier and comes with a few other upgrades that make the ride more fun.

If you’re trying to decide if owning a Volkswagen Golf R in Austin is a good investment, keep reading for a quick overview.  

The Volkswagen Golf R Model Essentials

If you have a little extra to spend on a hatchback and you feel like added horsepower is worth the higher price tag, the Volkswagen Golf R is worth a test drive. There are few vehicles on the road that have a similar design paired with impressive drivability and practicality. It’s a daily driver that will make any commute a little more entertaining. 

Volkswagen Golf R Performance 

Let’s put it this way. The Volkswagen Golf R model comes equipped with a Drift Mode and special race modes. That tells you what type of driver the Golf R is made for. You’ll have as much fun spinning around a parking lot as you do driving down the road. However, like the Golf GTI, some have found that the Golf R clutch engagement isn’t the best. 

With the new Volkswagen Golf R you’ll get performance features that include: 

Volkswagen Golf R Pricing

Price is the one thing that gives the GTI an edge over the R. The Golf R gives you more power, but it comes at a higher price than the Golf GTI. For $44,290 you can get yourself a brand new Volkswagen Golf GTI. 

Tech Features in the Volkswagen Golf R Model

The Volkswagen Golf R model doesn’t just up the performance and power. It’s also even more technologically advanced than other Golf models. That said, don’t expect the infotainment system to have a better design. But the plethora of tech upgrades that come standard on the Golf R make up for what the infotainment system lacks. 

The Volkswagen Golf R comes with the following tech features:  

Volkswagen Golf R Repair in Austin

The good news is that Volkswagen Golf R models are fairly reliable. Since 2012 owners haven’t reported many problems. A few of the problems that plague other Golf models can be an issue with the Golf R. Namely there are two common problems:

Common Volkswagen Golf R Maintenance in Austin

One way to avoid repairs is by following your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule. For a Volkswagen Golf R the maintenance begins at 10,000 miles with minor work.

Standard maintenance for the Volkswagen Golf R includes: 

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