Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S Owner’s Guide

If you like the idea of owning an electric vehicle that’s comfortable and familiar to drive but want a little bit of luxury and styling, the Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S is the vehicle for you. It’s the latest innovation from the famed automaker that’s known for making high-performance vehicles at a reasonable price point. 

With up to 250 miles per charge, great standard features and a comfortable ride, owning a Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S in Austin is an efficient ride.

The Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S Model Essentials

It’s not surprising that Volkswagen is branching out with the ID.4 Pro S model. The base ID.4 Pro model has been so successful it’s been named the best vehicle in the world. The S model is a step up from the base model that will appeal to drivers who want more than the standard features with a similar all-electric driving experience. 

Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S Performance 

The Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S isn’t known for being the EV with the highest performance rating. It’s actually known for delivering a drive that’s remarkably similar to many gas-powered vehicles. But that’s the point. The ID.4 Pro S is meant to be a comfortable vehicle that transitions drivers from gas to all-electric. 

The Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S model has the following performance specs: 

Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S Pricing

A little more luxury and styling will increase the price tag of the Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S to $44,495 starting. However, with the federal tax credits you can save up to $7,500. 

Tech Features in the Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S Model

With a vehicle like the Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S you’d expect impressive tech features, and that’s what you get. From safety to comfort to entertainment, Volkswagen has made the Pro S technologically advanced without raising the price tag to a level that isolates the majority of drivers.

The new Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S includes tech features like:  

Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S Repair in Austin

All vehicles eventually need repair, even EVs. But what type of repairs does the Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S need most often? With a model so new it’s hard to tell how the ID.4 Pro S will fare down the road, but the most common EV repairs include:

Common Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S Maintenance in Austin

Electric vehicles require maintenance just like their gas-powered cousins. The biggest difference is you have to pay more attention to battery maintenance. Regular maintenance for Volkswagen vehicles includes: 

Do you need Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S service in Austin? Our experienced technicians have the skills and knowledge to work on an all-electric vehicle. You’ll get reliable, affordable service that’s as good as the dealership. 

Call us today to learn more about Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S repairs, maintenance or performance upgrades from German Auto Center. 

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