Volkswagen ID.4 Owner’s Guide

Volkswagen is asserting itself in the U.S. electric vehicle market with the ID.4 model. The price point, the miles per full charge and the charging speed are changing the EV game. It’s also designed from the ground up to be fun to drive.

All those car-lovers that look forward to a long cruise may have found their electric vehicle so long as there aren’t more than four passengers. Keep reading to find out more about driving a Volkswagen ID.4 in Austin and well beyond. 

The Volkswagen ID.4 Model Essentials

What started as a compact concept SUV could end up being one of the best-selling EVs in America. Volkswagen aimed to change people’s mindset about electric vehicles, but truth be told, a lot of people are already sold on the idea of electric vehicles being viable modes of transportation. But Volkswagen is expanding the landscape with the ID.4 model by bringing some fun into the driving experience.

Volkswagen ID.4 Performance 

The Volkswagen ID.4 model can’t really be compared with other vehicles from the automaker because it’s something entirely new. But Volkswagen did produce an electric vehicle that has some get up and go. Acceleration is where the ID.4 model shines. The all-wheel drive and tuned-in torque help this small SUV launch off the line. It’s also got one of the best ranges in the EV market, and that’s a huge performance benefit.

The Volkswagen Atlas model’s performance specs include: 

Volkswagen ID.4 Pricing

When you think about the technology and engineering that has gone into the Volkswagen ID.4 it’s starting price is downright reasonable. The ID.4 starts at $39,999. But you could qualify for up to $7,500 in federal tax credits bringing the actual cost down to $32,495.

Tech Features in the Volkswagen ID.4 Model

The engine in this vehicle is technologically advanced enough that it could have been a shell inside and still been considered forward-thinking. But Volkswagen wasn’t about to rely on that alone. The ID.4 has a very futuristic console and interior design that’s outfitted with some of Volkswagen’s best tech yet. 

The Volkswagen ID.4 boasts tech features that include:  

LED headlights

Volkswagen ID.4 Repair in Austin

These days there’s a growing need for mechanics that know how to work on electric vehicles. The Volkswagen ID.4 is too new to say if there are electrical bugs that will cause problems. But to keep things in perspective here’s some of the most common electric vehicle repairs:

Common Volkswagen ID.4 Maintenance in Austin

Electric vehicles require maintenance just like its gas-powered cousin. The biggest difference is you’ll have to pay more attention to battery maintenance. Regular maintenance for Volkswagen vehicles includes: 

Those who end up owning one of these forward-thinking EVs will eventually need Volkswagen ID.4 service in Austin. You’ll need to find a shop that’s familiar with the Volkswagen brand and understands electric engines. German Auto Center has been advancing along with the best vehicle manufacturers for more than four decades, and we will continue to expand our services to accommodate the latest models.  Give us a call today to schedule Volkswagen repairs, maintenance or performance upgrades. 

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