BMW 535i Owner’s Guide

Fast, efficient, highway cruiser – these are all terms used to describe the BMW 535i sedan. It breaks trend with other BMW models that are focused on attracting owners who enjoy the thrill of aggressive driving. Instead, the 535i provides a smooth driving experience that isn’t quite as race-worthy as it is comfortable.

BMW’s 535i sedan is a great option for anyone who wants a luxurious, reliable ride but doesn’t put sports car handling as a top priority. If you’re a Mercedes or Lexus owner who is looking to make the switch to BMW, then the 535i sedan is an excellent option.

The BMW 535i Model Essentials

The 535i is the mid-grade sedan in the 5 Series lineup. You’ll get more power and features compared to the 528i, and many experts believe it’s a great value compared to the 550i’s price.

Like other vehicles in the 5 Series, the BMW 535i comes in two models:

Performance and Pricing

Overall, drivers give the 535i a lot of high points. Like it’s fellow 5 Series vehicles, the handling seems to be the one bugaboo that doesn’t live up to the luxury BMW driving machine standard. Some people have also lamented that the BMW 535i does a few operations differently than other vehicles, which is annoying at first. All-in-all the BMW 535i sedan provides a smooth, comfortable ride with more than enough horsepower.

Performance specs for the current BMW 535i model include:

Buying a new BMW 535i from the dealership is going to be about $56,000 and goes up from there. The xDrive model is another $2,300 if you need all-wheel drive.


The wood and leather interior of the 535i puts it right up there with the best luxury vehicles on the road. The driver’s seat offers plenty of comfort with 14 ways to adjust the settings – 20 adjustments if you upgrade. In fact, all of the seats are ergonomically designed for comfort.

There’s also great visibility all around. The driver has a number of cameras to assist with backing up and parking, but seeing out of the back or front window isn’t an issue. You even have a great view out of the oversized moonroof.

Tech Components

The 5 Series is known for being outfitted with the latest, greatest driving tech. BMW has improved upon existing technology, such as the iDrive system. The menu system was also improved to make it easier to use all the tech components.

The top tech features of the BMW 535i sedan include:

Common BMW 535i Maintenance in Austin

The BMW 535i model is noted as being an exemplary cruiser that offers a beautifully smooth ride, even if the steering could be more responsive. However, that all depends on how well-maintained the car is. If you own a BMW 535i in Austin here are the top maintenance needs to look out for:

There are also five recalls to watch out for on older 535i sedan models and four on the 535i xDrive (three of which are the same as the standard 535i). Some are very specific and not too concerning, whereas a positive battery connection in the trunk that can overheat should be fixed immediately.

BMW 535i Repair in Austin

In addition to the recalls, there are a few bugs that may need to be fixed down the road based on our shop’s BMW 535i service in Austin. The most common BMW 535i repairs in Austin are:

BMW 535i repair and maintenance in Austin is easy and affordable at German Auto Center. We’ve provided reliable BMW service in Central Texas for over 37 years. Our highly trained team of technicians keep happy BMW drivers coming back to our Bosch-authorized service center. Call today to schedule a time to bring your BMW 535i by the shop for maintenance, repairs or upgrades.

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