BMW 550i Owner’s Guide

If you want the comfort of a sizeable sedan, a technologically advanced driving experience and the power of a V8, then the BMW 550i should be on your short list. It’s earning the name sports sedan from it’s sweeping body to the muscle under the hood.

Drivers that aren’t concerned with MPG and put a premium on performance are gravitating towards the BMW 550i sedan. It’s the beefiest sedan in the long-running 5 Series lineup, which makes it stand out from its competitors.

The BMW 550i Model Essentials

The BMW 550i model is the top-grade sedan in the 5 Series. You won’t find another BMW more luxurious or powerful with a 5 in the model number.  Driver can expect fewer miles per gallon but a whole lot more horsepower.

Currently the BMW 550i comes in two models:

Performance and Pricing

Some have noted that the 550i is very similar to the 535i in terms of the body and features. So why does it cost almost $10,000 more? Mostly it’s because of the more powerful engine. This sedan is a real hard charger. When you push the gas pedal it responds in a hurry. All that speed comes from a 4.4-liter, TwinPower Turbo V-8 that uses a throttle-less intake system.

Additional performance specs for the latest BMW 550i model include:

At over $66,000 starting for the 550i and $68,600 for the 550i xDrive, these vehicles are clearly luxury sedans. For that hefty fee you’ll get a car that rivals any 4-door competitor on the road in terms of power, safety and enhanced driving.


When you’re paying top dollar for a 5 Series vehicle you can expect that leather seats come standard. And the seats themselves are carefully designed to hug the body just right whether you’re sitting up front or in the back. It’s one of the many ways BMW is making the 550i comfortable for everyone in the car.

Things are driver-oriented up front, but the dash and seats don’t have the cockpit feel you’ll find in other BMWs. Everything is very clean, classy and streamlined rather than sporty. The low dash and slim framework gives the driver great visibility while driving, even though there are cameras to help cover any blind spots.

Tech Components

Tech and electronics are a high note for all of the vehicles in the 5 Series. BMW isn’t just adding technological wizardry to the entertainment systems. It’s helping to improve performance with various drive settings and driver assistance features.

The top tech features of the BMW 550i sedan include:

Common BMW 550i Maintenance in Austin

When you have an ultimate driving machine like the BMW 550i in Austin it’s an investment you’ll want to protect. The best way to make sure your 550i withstands the sometimes icy winters and always blazing hot summers is with regular maintenance.

In our experience the top maintenance needs for a BMW 550i sedan are:

The maintenance schedule provides guidance on when to bring your BMW 550i in for maintenance. However, those are just guidelines. When, how and where you drive can make a difference so it’s important to pay attention to any noticeable changes.

BMW 550i Repair in Austin

It’s known among 5 Series owners that the powerful V8 engine of the 550i has had more issues down the road than the six-cylinder engine of the 535i. However, many of the quirks were worked out with the 2014 model.

The most common BMW 550i repairs in Austin are:

So far there have been 12 recalls on the BMW 550i model, some of which apply to other 5 Series models as well. If you’re buying used make sure all of the recall repairs have been made.

For the best BMW 550i service in Austin you can count on German Auto Center. We’ve earned the right to call ourselves a Bosch-authorized service center, and our technicians are among the most experienced in Central Texas. Call today to learn more about our maintenance, repair or performance upgrade services.

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