BMW 640i Convertible Owner’s Guide

The BMW 6 Series offers a lot in the way of sophisticated, sporty vehicles. And the BMW 640i convertible is one of the most popular stallions in the stable. It’s the luxury vehicle for serious professionals that still like to let their hair down. It’s the car for drivers that take on the city streets during the week and the open highways on the weekend.

There are plenty of those drivers in our neck of the woods. When the German Austin Center team works on a BMW 640i convertible in Austin we can’t help but admire the attention that went into making a vehicle specifically for open air driving. This machine makes up for convertible shortcomings and could convince just about anyone to take a spin with the top down.

The BMW 640i Convertible Model Essentials

When you’re driving a convertible the top matters – a lot. That mobile top is a make or break factor for all convertibles. Everything from noise levels to the electrical panel can be impacted by the roof design.

BMW is mixing solid construction with innovative design in the 640i convertible. The all-season soft roof is sturdy but still light enough to go down in just 19 seconds. You can have the roof back up again in as little as 24 seconds. There’s also an option to blend the two by putting the top up and lowering the heated glass rear window. The roof is a true performance standout for the BMW 640i convertible.

Right now there are two BMW 640i convertible models:

Performance and Pricing

From the look of the 640i convertible you can tell there’s power under the beautiful hood. The zippy 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder engine features Valvetronic technology for enhanced performance and efficiency. Even the steering is smarter so that cornering, maneuvering and parking is easier.

You can expect to enjoy the performance specs below with a new BMW 640i convertible:

Taking the top off of a 640i isn’t cheap. The 640i convertible will set you back at least $85,000. If you want all-wheel drive you’ll have to pay just over $88,000. Packages, accessories and upgrades will cost extra.


You might be hesitant to own a BMW 640i convertible in Austin for one reason – the hot Texas sun. Fortunately, the supple Dakota leather upholstery is one of the most impressive innovations. BMW SunReflective technology keeps the seats and steering wheel cool even when the top’s down and the sun’s up.

That’s just one of many ways BMW has made the interior of the 640i convertible unbelievably comfortable. Controlling the smooth ride is like a trip to the spa thanks to the 10-way power adjustable, lumbar supporting front seats. Just about every function can be customized and the settings can be saved with the Advanced Vehicle and Key remote. And if you get bored of looking at all the scenery you can always enjoy the highly rated infotainment system.

Tech Components

Like other models in the 6 Series, the 640i convertible boasts some high-tech highlights. Convenient features like the wireless charging pocket now come standard. Built-in Wi-Fi also makes iDrive 5.0 system more useful. And who wouldn’t want a navigation system that learns the routes you take?

The top tech features of the BMW 640i convertible include:

Common BMW 640i Convertible Maintenance in Austin

Many drivers dream of owning a BMW 640i convertible, but the upkeep is something that isn’t usually included in the vision. However, if you want to drop the top and keep cruising for thousands of miles regular maintenance is required.

The most common BMW 640i convertible maintenance in Austin includes:

For specifics on your exact 640i convertible model and year, refer to your owner’s manual. BMW provides a clear-cut timetable for all types of maintenance that you can do on your own or with the help of a certified technician.

BMW 640i Convertible Repair in Austin

The BMW 640i convertible is built to take on the road with vigor and style, but even the best of cars can come across an unexpected pothole or driver that’s too busy texting to drive. Our team has come across a number of BMW 640i convertible repairs in Austin. Some of the most frequent repairs include:

There are two recalls for the BMW 640i model. The most recent recall involves faulty wire contacts in the fuel pump inside the fuel tank that can cause a leak and lead to stalling. In 2014 there was also a recall for the engine timing belts.

With more than 100 years of combined experience, our expert technicians can handle any BMW 640i convertible service in Austin. We can take care of all BMW maintenance, repairs and upgrades large and small. As a Bosch-authorized service center we have authentic parts and our work won’t void your warranties.

Call today to schedule a time to bring your BMW 640i convertible by the service center.


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