BMW 640i Coupe Owner’s Guide

The BMW 6 Series is where the German automaker really steps up their game right from the start. Powerful and elegant are the two words most commonly used to describe the 640i coupe. It’s the perfect driving machine for those with quiet confidence. The sleepers that you’d never expect to blow you off the line.

The BMW 640i coupe’s exterior is a bit understated, but the engine and interior are first-class all the way. It’s also one of the few models that can be personalized with the BMW Individual package. Choose special color combinations or add your monogram to the interior and exterior for an ultimate driving machine that’s all your own.

The BMW 640i Coupe Model Essentials

The 6 Series lineup includes 13 impressive models. The BMW 640i coupe model is entry level vehicle – although there’s nothing entry level about it. Every component that goes into the 640i coupe is top quality, and every aspect of the design has been thoughtfully considered.

Currently there are only two BMW 640i coupe models:

Performance and Pricing

The sporty stance of the BMW 640i coupe reveals the power hiding beneath the luxurious surface. Under the hood BMW engineers have installed a 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder engine with Valvetronic technology that improves performance and efficiency. The wide chassis also helps the 640i coupe hug any corner it comes across even at high speeds.

You can expect to get the performance specs below with a new BMW 640i coupe:

Getting a new 640i coupe of your own will set you back at least $77,600. Step it up to the 640i coupe xDrive model and the price tag starts at $80,600. The base models offer more features than most cars loaded with every single option. If you get the urge to add on extra amenities or a package be prepared to spend at least a few thousand more.


Slip into the BMW 640i coupe and you’ll experience what it’s like to drive luxury. It’s one of the most beautifully trimmed vehicles you can find on the road and there’s no shortage of creature comforts. Once you sit behind the wheel virtually everything can be customized for your comfort and saved in the memory settings for convenience.

Like other all coupes, the backseat area is a bit cramped. However, unlike other BMW models, supple Dakota leather upholstery comes standard in the 640i coupe. There’s also a first-class infotainment system that makes driving easier while keeping passengers entertained and connected during the trip.

Tech Components

In recent years driving has become a connected activity that can be made easier by technology. When drivers buy a luxury vehicle like the BMW 640i coupe they expect to get the latest tech tools. BMW has outfitted the 640i coupe to be one of the smartest, most advanced vehicles on the road.

The top tech features of the BMW 640i coupe include:

Common BMW 640i Coupe Maintenance in Austin

Owning a BMW 640i coupe in Austin means you’ll drive this ultimate machine in a variety of weather conditions. It’s something to consider when you’re putting together a maintenance schedule.

Our team has found the most common BMW 640i coupe maintenance needs are:

We always suggest that owners consult their owner’s manual before creating a maintenance schedule. If you want an even more accurate timeline for general maintenance one of our technicians can provide advice based on your driving needs and habits.

BMW 640i Coupe Repair in Austin

The 6 Series is just as reliable as it is luxurious. However, every now and then the 640i coupe requires a repair. The most common BMW 640i coupe repairs in Austin are:

There’s only one recall you have to watch out for with the BMW 640i. In 2014 BMW put out a recall for the engine timing bolts, which could loosen and break.

Looking for the absolute best BMW 640i coupe service in Austin? German Austin Center has provided reliable BMW service in Central Texas for nearly four decades. Our technicians have over 100 years of combined experience and our Bosch-authorized service center is fully equipped to handle all of your maintenance needs, repairs and performance upgrades.

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