BMW 650i Coupe Owner’s Guide

Luxury vehicle enthusiasts have a lot of very good things to say about the BMW 650i coupe. The 2016 model is even sportier and more powerful than before without adding the M Sport package. But the BMW 6 Series includes so many impressive vehicles that the 650i coupe model is often unfairly overshadowed. If you plan to own a BMW 650i coupe in Austin here are a few things to consider.

The BMW 650i Coupe Model Essentials

The BMW 650i coupe model started out very solid and each year it gets tweaked to be a little bit better. As far as luxury-performance vehicles go you can’t get much better than the 650i coupe. From the wide chassis that makes winding roads seem almost straight to the unexpected power to the perfectly sculpted driver’s seat, this two-door delivers an ultimate driving experience.

The two current BMW 650i coupe models include:

Performance and Pricing

Even without the Driver Assistance Plus package and extras like the automated parallel parking system, the BMW 650i coupe offers a superior driving experience. The reverse flow 4.4-liter TwinPower Turbo V-8, 32-valve engine is built to blast off the line and power through the sharpest turns. Don’t let the posh styling fool you. The BMW 650i coupe can go into beast mode with a push of the gas pedal.

The most noteworthy performance features of the new BMW 650i coupe include:

Buying a new BMW 650i coupe model will cost $89,000 for the standard model and $92,000 for the 650i xDrive coupe. Even though it’s a nearly six-figure car there are still plenty of packages and upgrades that you can select. You can also get advanced customization inside and out with the BMW Individual option.


If the exterior and engine haven’t blown you away the 650i coupe’s interior will. The interior is where the car gets its best reviews. It’s a beautiful blend of luxury and sporty styling. Plush Nappa or Dakota leather comes standard along with glossy black trim and brushed aluminum accents.

The way the dash sweeps down into the center console is a unique, eye-catching design element. The components are also laid out well so everything fits the dash seamlessly while making it easy to control every aspect of the drive. While the back is a bit cramped like most coupes, the front of the 650i coupe is built for comfort. The sizeable seats can be controlled in more than a dozen ways for superior support and comfort.

Tech Components

With BMW, advanced technological components are expected in every vehicle, especially higher end lines like the 6 Series. Every reviewer and driver can agree that the BMW 650i coupe offers a number of impressive tech features, many of which come standard.

The new BMW 650i coupe model includes cutting-edge tech features like:

Common BMW 650i Coupe Maintenance in Austin

No matter how well-made a vehicle is, maintenance is a necessary part of the upkeep. On a whole BMW owners take maintenance seriously, which is a good thing. The most common BMW 650i coupe maintenance needs we see at German Auto Center are:

Your BMW owner’s manual specifies the minimum maintenance needed to keep your 650i coupe running smoothly. However, depending on the driving conditions and your driving habits maintenance may be needed more frequently.

BMW 650i Coupe Repair in Austin

The high-end 6 Series isn’t known for needing a lot of repairs, but it’s a fact of life even for garage queens. The most common BMW 650i coupe repairs in Austin include:

There have also been eight recalls since 2005. If you’re buying a used BMW 650i coupe check to see if the following have been fixed or replaced:

German Auto Center provides BMW 650i coupe service in Austin that’s on par with the dealer for far less. With a combined 100 years of experience, our technicians can handle any repair, maintenance need or performance upgrade. Call today to schedule a time to come by our Bosch-authorized service center and speak with one of our knowledgeable mechanics.

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