BMW 740i Sedan Owner’s Guide

When you step up to the BMW 7 Series you’re reaching a driving level few people get to experience on a daily basis. The BMW 740i Sedan is the intro vehicle into the 7 Series but there’s nothing entry-level about it.

BMW’s goal is to make the 740i Sedan and its fellow 7 Series models the most innovative luxury vehicles in the world. With the latest lineup they’re definitely contending for the title. Those who are lucky enough to own a BMW 740i Sedan in Austin, TX know driving will never be the same.

The BMW 740i Sedan Model Essentials

The BMW 740i Sedan is where luxury, power and innovation converge on a level that’s rare to find. Whether you’re taking a cross-country road trip or making a run to the local grocer, each ride is so comfortable you may want to just keep driving.

There are currently two BMW 740i Sedan models to choose from:

Performance and Pricing

The 740i Sedan isn’t a small car by any means, but it’s nimble and lighter than most cars half it’s size. The secret is the carbon core. It makes the BMW 740i Sedan 50% lighter than steel but much stronger and safer. And even though BMW is giving drivers more automation and driverless features, you’ll still feel completely in control of the smooth ride.

You can expect the following performance specs with a new BMW 740i Sedan:

You can expect to pay a pretty penny for all of that high performance wrapped in a luxury vehicle. The starting price for the standard BMW 740i Sedan is $81,500. The all-wheel drive of the BMW 740i xDrive Sedan will run you $84,500 or more if you add on an upgrade or two.


Lavish is the only way to describe the interior of the BMW 740i Sedan model. From the footrests to the roof, BMW has put a great deal of effort into making the 740i Sedan as upscale and comfortable as possible. The quilted Dakota leather seats are super plush and comfortable no matter where you’re sitting, but the driver and passenger up front will enjoy 10-way adjustable seating with lumbar support. Upgrade to the Rear Executive Lounge Seating Package and the backseat will be just as comfortable as the driver seat.

One of the most unique features of the 740i Sedan’s interior is the moonroofs. Not one but two moonroofs create an open feel in the cabin, and when you are tired of looking at the sky above you can light them up with LEDs.

Tech Components

You can’t call a vehicle innovative without some major tech features, and on that front the BMW 740i Sedan delivers. Now being in your car is just like being at home. You can use the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot to access content on your mobile device and then stream it directly to the infotainment system. But you’ll probably be even more impressed by the Remote Control Parking. Push a button and your 740i Sedan will park itself.

The BMW 740i Sedan includes impressive tech components like:

Common BMW 740i Sedan Maintenance in Austin

If you’ve invested in a BMW 740i Sedan it pays to keep everything well maintained. BMW gives you a clean engine that performs at maximum capacity, but it’s up to owners to keep it running on all cylinders.

The most common BMW 740i Sedan maintenance needs include:

Not sure when you’ll need maintenance? Don’t worry, your Display Key will tell you when it’s time for service. The team at German Auto Center can also help you put together a customized maintenance schedule based on our local environment and your driving.

BMW 740i Sedan Repair in Austin

There are plenty of features that help you avoid accidents in the BMW 740i Sedan, but no vehicle is completely safe from the occasional quirks, the elements, pothole-filled roads and other drivers. The most common BMW 740i Sedan repairs in Austin that our technicians take care of are:

Make sure you’re getting the best BMW 740i Sedan service in Austin. German Auto Center is a Bosch-authorized service center that’s been offering dealership quality maintenance, repairs and upgrades in Central Texas for nearly four decades. Call us today to see why BMW 740i Sedan drivers trust us with their ultimate driving machines.

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