The iX M60 sport activity vehicle is the first of its kind for BMW. The German automaker that’s perfected the gas-powered engine on many levels, is now going all-electric. Not only is it the first all-electric M SAV, the iX M60 is also BMW’s fastest SAV yet.

Keep reading to find out if driving a BMW iX M60 in Austin will make you an EV believer.

The BMW iX M60 Model Essentials

Many car enthusiasts are already saying the BMW iX M60 model is the EV that will finally be a replacement for Tesla. While it could look a little sportier, the iX M60’s large size hasn’t slowed it down. It’s actually a perfect combination of size and power with a range that will get you where you need to go even if it’s a bit of a drive. 

BMW iX M60 Performance 

Performance is where the BMW iX M60 really shines. It may look like a mid-size SUV, but it sure doesn’t take off like one. The iX M60 provides shift-free, instant acceleration that you aren’t going to get in a gas-powered SUV. This electrified BMW glides smoothly across the road whether you’re flying down a straightaway or zipping around corners. The customizable shocks and air suspension help you dial it in exactly the way you like. 

The new BMW iX M60 model boasts performance features like: 

BMW iX M60 Pricing

Being among the first to drive BMW’s flagship all-electric iX M60 is going to cost $108,900 before any upgrades or add-ons. However, this puts the price point just under comparable Teslas, so while the cost is steep, it’s in line with other models. 

Tech Features in the BMW iX M60 Model

The BMW iX M60 may have a minimalist design inside, but it’s feature-rich in the tech department. It’s what you would expect from BMW, especially when they are going so far as to give drivers the ability to add internal-combustion engine sounds when the ride is too quiet. Even the standard features like climate control and seat warming are made more advanced in the first generation of the iX M60. 

The BMW iX M60 comes standard with tech features like:  

BMW iX M60 Repair in Austin

The BMW iX M60 may be fun to drive away from the dealership, but will you be towing it back for repairs? Unlike some BMW models that have been around for years, the iX M60 is brand new and completely different from any model made before it. That’s why it’s impossible to predict the reliability and if any repairs will be common. For now, BMW iX M60 owners will have to just wait and see. 

Common BMW iX M60 Maintenance in Austin

Regular maintenance is going to be a sure thing. Properly maintaining your vehicle is the best thing you can do to prevent normal wear from becoming an expensive repair. You won’t have to check the oil or change it, but maintenance for the BMW iX M60 includes: 

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