BMW X1 Owner’s Guide

One of the more affordable luxury vehicles from BMW, the X1 rolled off the assembly line in 2013 and since then it’s been popular among drivers that put efficiency at a premium. But make no mistakes about it – the X1 is still a BMW and has the performance to prove it.

The German Auto Center team has become familiar with the three X1 models over the last three years. This overview will give you a look at what makes the X1 unique and what owners can expect today as well as years down the road.

The BMW X1 Essentials

Not quite a compact SUV, not quite a hatchback – the BMW X1 falls squarely in the crossover category. It’s quick and nimble, handling tight turns, curves and straightaways with relative ease. And it has more than enough speed for everyday driving. The styling may not resonate with all drivers, but the functionality and drivability will.

BMW X1 Performance and Pricing
If you want the same power as the X3 in a smaller package, then the X1 was designed with you in mind. It’s loads of fun to drive because it’s lighter and really responsive. People may buy it to get more space than a sedan, but they’ll find that it’s the performance that wins them over. From the steering to the suspension the X1 handles extremely well. The latest BMW X1’s performance specifications include:

• Up to 300 horsepower
• Up to 300 pound-foot of torque
• Up to 128 MPH
• 0-to-60 in 5.2 seconds (xDrive35i model)
• Up to 34 MPG on the highway
• Steptronic 8 speed automatic transmission with manual modes
• Three trim options – sDrive28i, xDrive28i, xDrive35i
• Adaptive Transmission Control
• Rear-wheel drive
• All-wheel drive – xDrive
• Driving Dynamics Control
• Dynamic Stability Control
• Dynamic Cruise Control
• Anti-roll bars at the front and back
• Auto start-stop
• Speed sensitive power steering

As mentioned above, the price tag is much lower than you might expect. The X1 sDrive28i is the most affordable option starting at just $31,000. That’s followed by the xDrive28i at $33,000 and the xDrive35i at $39,100 MSRP. But if you want extras and upgrades plan on shelling out another $250 for roof rails all the way up to $6,150 for the Ultimate Package.

BMW X1 Interior
It’s a pint-sized SUV so don’t expect the X1 to be overly spacious inside. The interior of the X1 is ample, especially compared to a sedan, but the backseat can get a little tight if there are three passengers.

However, the X1’s subdued interior is a refreshing throwback to earlier BMWs, much like its performance. The dash is streamlined with only the essential gauges and actual knobs instead of a touchscreen. The leatherette upholstery is supple and the metal silver finishes add a bit of sophistication to the styling. Overall it’s comfortable, classic and the quality comes through in its simplicity.

BMW X1 Tech Components
How technologically advanced the X1 is depends on the trim. The sDrive28i has all the standard features you could expect from an innovator like BMW while the xDrive35i layers on the most impressive extras in the base model. The tech components of the X1 include:

• Automatic climate control
• Bi-xenon adaptive headlights (xDrivei35)
• USB connectivity
• Bluetooth connectivity
• 8-speaker sound system
• iDrive system
• 8-way power front seat (xDrivei35)
• Rear window defroster

BMW X1 Upgrades and Options
Given that the X1 is meant to be an affordable, standard model there are a lot of extras that can be added on to up the luxury factor. However, they vary from one trim to the next. Options and extras for the X1 include:

• 9 packages
• Heated front seats
• Power front seats
• Leather upholstery
• Custom paint colors
• 18” alloy double-spoke wheels
• Automatic high beams
• Upgraded Harman Kardon sound system
• Panoramic moonroof

Common Problems, Service and Maintenance on the BMW X1

After several years on the market the X1 still shows very few signs of mechanical issues. However, we are starting to see more owners coming into our Austin BMW service center for standard maintenance. Now that the first X1s are starting to rack up miles, these are the most common maintenance and repair services being provided:

• Vacuum pump failure in the braking system
• Oil and oil filter changes
• Air filter replacement
• Brake pad and rotor replacement
• Fuel pump replacement

As a Bosch-authorized BMW service center, we’ve performed many BMW repairs in Austin. From correcting damage after a collision to making performance enhancements, local BMW owners know they can come to German Auto Center for high quality work that’s on par with the dealership without the inflated prices. Call us today if your X1 needs regular maintenance or repair.

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