The BMW 4 Series Review

The BMW 4 Series is one of the German automaker’s most talked about lines. It’s decidedly sporty without being excessive, perfect for drivers that want a little more oomph than the 3 Series without a huge jump in price.

At German Auto Center we’re lucky enough to provide Austin BMW maintenance on these impressive machines. We’ve found that the BMW 4 Series is styled beautifully, makes everyday driving more enjoyable and is designed for road lovers of all ages.

The BMW 4 Series Essentials

In a way, the BMW 4 Series is a Jack-of-all-trades. It’s got the looks, the performance, the efficiency and the price to hit all the must haves for most drivers. And it does them all well.

The 4 Series is essentially the sportier sibling of the 3 Series. All around, inside and out, the engineers at BMW have pushed the level of luxury higher to create a highly rated vehicle that turns the idea of an “entry” sports car on its head.

BMW 4 Series Body Styles
Sleek, low slung and cool – the look of the 4 Series is edgy and sweeping all at once. Each one of the models fits into the sports car mold while standing out from the other cars on the road. The 4 Series model lineup includes:

• 4 Series Convertible – Hit the road in this hard top convertible that goes from enclosed to wide open in seconds.
• 4 Series Coupe – Super sporty and athletic, the Coupe is a comfortable sports car.
• 4 Series Gran Coupe Sedan – For those who prefer a four-door model with a little more room the Gran Coupe Sedan is on point.

Each model comes in two trims: the 428i and 435i. You can also opt for xDrive, which provides all-wheel drive.

BMW 4 Series Performance and Pricing
The 4 Series is all about drivability. Every aspect of the three models is geared towards increasing the performance and handling no matter what road you drive down. At the center of it all is the twinturbo power engine that has more than enough horsepower for the weight of the vehicle. These vehicles handle amazingly well, reminding everyone why BMW’s nickname is “the ultimate driving machine”.

The latest BMW 4 Series’ performance specifications include:

• Up to 300 horsepower
• 50/50 weight distribution (coupe)
• 0-to-60 in 4.7 seconds
• Up to 32 MPG on the highway
• Four driving modes
• Rear-wheel drive
• Variable Sport Steering
• Adaptive M Suspension

The most impressive part of the BMW 4 series may be its price tag. The base models begin at just over $40,000, but if you want the convertible expect to pay at least $9,000 more. At that price point the 4 Series is considered entry level, until you start adding on the upgrades.

BMW 4 Series Interior
The 4 Series may be even more sportier inside. The newest models feature a race-centric red and black leather interior, body-hugging bucket seats and a dashboard that’s fit for the cockpit of a jet. The brushed aluminum accents add to the overall modern look and feel to the interior.

One noticeable difference between the models is the roominess of the Gran Coupe Sedan. It actually fits two comfortably in the back and has a nice amount of cargo space. No matter which model you choose the front of the 4 series is comfortable enough for short or long road trips.

BMW 4 Series Model Repairs, Service and Maintenance

The BMW 4 Series has only been available for a few years so it’s hard to say with certainty what the most common repair needs will be beyond regular maintenance. However, based off the BMW repairs in Austin that we’ve handled on the 3 Series we’re guessing the most common 4 Series repairs will be:

• Oil leaks from the lower engine
• Failure of the blower final stage fan resistor
• Low AC refrigerant that causes a noise
• Failure of multiple power steering hoses
• Coolant leak in the water pump
• Fuel pump pressure issues

If you are in need of a reliable Austin BMW maintenance shop to take care of your 4 Series BMW, German Auto Center is here to help. We’re a Bosch-authorized service center that specializes in BMW repair.

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