Land Rover Discovery Sport Owner’s Guide

If you don’t need the extra space and cost of the regular Land Rover Discovery, the Sport version was made for you. As the name suggests, it’s a little more compact and sportier than it’s bigger sibling, but it’s every bit as ruggedly attractive. 

Keep reading to learn more about driving and owning a Land Rover Discovery Sport in Austin.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport Model Essentials

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is a serious contender in the compact SUV market. Given the high-end design and offroad capabilities, the Discovery Sport is hard to beat for the price. It’s a model that will actually make Jeep enthusiasts start questioning their loyalty. Of course, you can’t expect the Land Rover Discovery Sport to be everything to all drivers, which is clear if acceleration is a priority. 

Land Rover Discovery Sport Performance 

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is a give and take in the performance department. You’ll get that all-terrain travel that’s expected from a Land Rover, but don’t expect a lot of power and speed. But that’s how the Discovery Sport sets itself apart. While competitors like the Mercedes Benz GLC class and BMW X3 focus on handling and throttle, Land Rover is focused on offroading in comfort.

The new Land Rover Range Discovery Sport boasts performance specs that include: 

Land Rover Discovery Sport Pricing

If the standard Land Rover Discovery is just out of the price range, then the Sport model may be the way to go. The base Land Rover Discovery Sport starts at just $41,900. Even the Discovery R-Dynamic SE costs less at $46,950 starting. 

Tech Features in the Land Rover Discovery Sport Model

Just like the standard Discovery, the Discovery Sport comes equipped with a nice suite of technologically advanced features. It’s not the most innovative set up out there, but it’s a really solid selection of features that include safety, entertainment and driving enhancements. And if you want to futureproof your Land Rover a little more, there are some next-level tech options that can be added on. 

The latest Land Rover Discovery Sport impressive tech features like:  

Land Rover Discovery Sport Repair in Austin

The Discovery is going to get pushed harder than a standard SUV that isn’t all-terrain. That means there’s a higher likelihood of something breaking loose or needing repair. So it’s not uncommon for the techs at German Auto Center to address a variety of Land Rover Discovery repairs in any given week. 

The Land Rover Discovery repairs in Austin that we fix the most often include: 

Common Land Rover Discovery Sport Maintenance in Austin

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is more compact, so it’s not surprising to find it requires 30 maintenance measures, which is a few less than the standard Discovery. Land Rover suggests starting the initial maintenance at 10,000 miles with the following:

When you need a reliable mechanic for Land Rover Discovery Sport service in Austin German Auto Center is the shop to call. We’ve been an affordable dealership alternative for over 40 years. Contact us today  to schedule Land Rover Discovery Sport repairs, maintenance or performance upgrades in minutes! 

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