Land Rover Discovery Owner’s Guide

If you need seven seats (or simply want the extra space) while you take your upscale SUV offroad, then the Land Rover Discovery is worth checking out. It’s been described as handsomely rugged, which is a good description given that emphasis is on the offroading capabilities.

This quick review goes into a little more detail about what it’s like to own a Land Rover Discovery in Austin so you can decide if it’s the best option.

The Land Rover Discovery Model Essentials

The price is right for the capabilities of this SUV that’s fighting to stand out in a crowded market. But it should find a following as long as Land Rover does a good job pointing out that the Discovery has all the comforts and conveniences of other SUVs, but it does a better job of covering the utility part of the name. 

The Land Rover Discovery model is less about luxury and more about getting you where you need to go, wherever that may be. But it has been called a luxury version of a rock-crawling Jeep so it’s a little more posh than some competitors. 

Land Rover Discovery Performance 

The Discovery isn’t the top performer in terms of handling and speed, but it’s not supposed to be. The Land Rover Discovery is meant to take you places where other SUVs won’t go. Like through two feet of standing water. And the drive there will be relatively smooth, even if you have to manage the steering more than other Land Rovers.

The Land Rover Discovery’s performance is considered all-around adequate, and it excels when you leave the highway for a road that’s off the trail. 

The latest Land Rover Range Discovery performance specs include: 

Land Rover Discovery Pricing

Starting at just under $54,000 the Land Rover Discovery S model is a well-priced SUV. Going all out with the Discovery R-Dynamic HSE will increase the price to nearly $69,000.

Tech Features in the Land Rover Discovery Model

Let’s forget about the size of the third row for right now, because it is usable for kids and small adults. Other components of the cabin will impress drivers and passengers a lot more. And while the Discovery isn’t the most teched-out Land Rover, a number of great features do come standard. 

The news Land Rover Discovery model features tech such as:  

Land Rover Discovery Repair in Austin

The Discovery is going to get pushed harder than a standard SUV that isn’t all-terrain. That means there’s a higher likelihood of something breaking loose or needing repair. So it’s not uncommon for the techs at German Auto Center to address a variety of Land Rover Discovery repairs in any given week. 

The Land Rover Discovery repairs in Austin that we fix the most often include: 

Common Land Rover Discovery Maintenance in Austin

You won’t get very far offroad if your Land Rover Discovery isn’t properly maintained. If you do keep everything up to speed you can expect your Discovery to go well over the 150,000 of Land Rover’s scheduled maintenance plan. 

The regular maintenance for a Land Rover Discovery includes:

Looking for reliable, yet affordable Land Rover Discovery service in Austin? You can trust the experts at German Auto Center to provide exemplary service that’s handled quickly. Our techs have well over 100 years of experience, and our shop has been providing dealership quality repair and maintenance for nearly half a century. 

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