Land Rover Range Rover Owner’s Guide

Just because an SUV can climb up steep, rocky terrain doesn’t mean it solely has to be utilitarian. Land Rover continuously takes the Range Rover lineup to a more elevated level all around. That includes upscale entertainment, technology and comfort as you off-road it. 

Get a better idea of what it’s like to drive the Land Rover Range Rover in Austin and around the Hill Country.

The Land Rover Range Rover Model Essentials

The Land Rover Range Rover is one of the most iconic SUVs ever made. Over the years the impressive Range Rover has gone from a boxy, all-terrain beast to a luxury vehicle many celebrities own. 

The latest model has been dubbed the Ultimate Range Rover. The versatility of going from five to two seats alone makes this a vehicle that’s going to wow drivers. By the look of the specs, the new Range Rover is living up to the title. 

Land Rover Range Rover Performance 

Even teen drivers are familiar with the Range Rover model because of its performance. This SUV is not about speed, although it’s far from a slouch. But it is built to perform across almost any terrain or road condition. It even has a wading depth of nearly three feet. 

So if you want to go from the city streets to a county road to a campsite in comfort and style during any season the Range Rover is for you.

The Land Rover Range Rover model’s performance specs include: 

Land Rover Range Rover Pricing

The ability to go anywhere at any time doesn’t come cheap. The new Range Rover starts at $92,000. But there are plenty of options and packages that push the price tag past six figures. And of course, there are also the special editions, like the Autobiography Fifty edition that’s $148,500 and up. 

Tech Features in the Land Rover Range Rover Model

The newest Land Rover Range Rover model is cutting-edge in the technology department. From the moment you grab the steering wheel and tap the touch-sensitive controls you’ll know this isn’t a Range Rover from the past. 

Drivers can expect the newest Range Rover tech features to include:  

Land Rover Range Rover Repair in Austin

The Land Rover Range Rover is impressive, but it’s not a repair-free ride. The good news is the model has really improved in recent years, and very few repairs are reported for Range Rovers under 10 years old. 

The most common Range Rover repairs we see in Austin are:

Common Land Rover Range Rover Maintenance in Austin

When you take a vehicle across all terrains you want to make sure a maintenance plan is in place. If you do you’ll get a lot of road time out of your Range Rover, because Land Rover recommends maintenance all the way up to 150,000 miles. In total there are 29 recommended maintenance measures that should be performed starting at 7,500.

Regular maintenance for the Land Rover Range Rover includes: 

German Auto Center has specialized techs that know how to handle Land Rover Range Rover service in Austin. We are fully prepared to provide Range Rover repairs that are on par with the dealership. 

Call us today to schedule Range Rover repairs, maintenance or performance upgrades. 

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