2012 German Auto Industry News (4-4-2012)

For many years, German cars have excelled in quality features and reliability. While many other countries’ auto industries may look bleak for 2012, the German auto industry is maintaining its stronghold. Sales in the United States are staying afloat. Additionally, sales in Russia, Japan, Brazil, India and the European Union continue to rise. However, Western Europe and China have experienced a decrease in sales early this year, which was expected amidst economic downturn. The most notable increase was in the German passenger car market. As the new year dawned, there were 210,300 new vehicles registered. This number reflects a five percent increase from the registration numbers from the past five Januaries.

In keeping with their reputation for excellence, German auto manufacturers plan to increase their contributions to creating electric cars in 2012. They plan to develop international standards for electric mobility. In doing this, they want to make sure there are standards for ensuring a safe connection between intelligent power grids and electric cars. While owners of these new vehicles are smart purchasers, owners of classic German vehicles also have something to brag about. Values of these vehicles rose significantly, and they are expected to continue rising in 2012. In 2011, the German Classic Car Index rose by almost 10 percent. As 2010 came to a close, the index was at 1,776 points. However, 2011’s index closed at 1,941 points.

It will definitely be interesting to see what else 2012 holds for the German auto industry. One thing remains true: Now is a good time to own a German vehicle. People who already have one of these great automobiles should be sure to keep it functioning properly. Texas residents have plenty of ways to maintain their vehicles, including German Auto Center. For Porsche, Mini, VW or Mercedes repair that Austin residents seek, German Auto Center professionals are available to help. With such valuable and long-lasting vehicles, it is imperative to maintain them properly.

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