Money-Saving German Auto Repair Specials

Too often people decide against getting a German luxury vehicle because they think the maintenance will be too expensive. But what if you could get dealership-quality service at an affordable local shop price?

At German Auto Center, our goal is to help more Central Texans enjoy the experience of driving the world’s most well-engineered vehicles. Since 1979 we’ve made this mission a reality by offering expert diagnostics, accurate estimates and fair prices that are much lower than the dealership. Our monthly German car maintenance deals make upkeep, even more, cost-effective.

See the latest Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen, Mini Cooper, and BMW Car Service Coupons!

Current German Auto Repair Coupons

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$139 Mobil 1 Oil Change

Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Mini, or Volkswagen. $139 service includes 4-cyl engine with filter. $159 for 6-cyl, $179 for 8-cyl models. Excludes M, S, RS, Diesel, and some late model Mercedes. (taxes, disposal, and supply charges not included)

$159 Brake Flush

$159 Brake Flush service available on most models using DOT 4 brake fluid with vacuum assist braking system. Not available on newer braking systems which require additional steps and scanners to bleed the brakes.

$269 Mobil 1 Oil Change Porsche & Rover

Porsche and Rover. $269 service includes 4-cyl engine oil and filter. $289 for 6-cyl, $309 for 8-cyl models. Excludes some late model Cayman and Cayenne models. (taxes, disposal, and supply charges not included)

$169 Diesel Engine Oil Change

$169 for 4-cyl Diesel engine oil change and service with factory synthetic oil and filter (up to 5qts). $179 for 5-cyl (up to 6qts), $189 for 6-cyl models and up (up to 7qts).

$269 A/C System Check and Recharge

Often vehicles loose their cooling efficiency over time and need to be recharged to restore cooling efficiency. Return your vehicles A/C System to original factory cooling and efficiency. R-134 refrigerant only. R-1234yf refrigerant additional cost.

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