The Technology Behind the New Audi LED Lights

Audi is in the business of creating innovative vehicles that provide best-in-class performance at every level. One of the latest ways they are making waves in the auto world is with their laser-enhanced lights.

Audi LED Headlights and Taillights Blend Form & Functionality

The lights of a car have long been a focal point. Their design can change the look and line of both the front and back of a vehicle, and when they’re lit up it creates a whole new effect. Of course, headlights and taillights are also very utilitarian, serving as important safety features during both daytime and nighttime driving.

LED headlights have been in development since 2004 and made their debut on the road in 2007, quickly distinguishing themselves from the regular halogen lights. Since that time more and more manufacturers have begun incorporating LED lighting into new models, but Audi has become a standout producer and was the first to produce all-LED lights in 2008. The technology and design they have incorporated into their lighting systems provide benefits that can’t be found in other makes and models.

They Can Mimic Daylight and Improve SafetyAudi LED lights are able to generate light with a rating of 5,500 Kelvin, which is very close to daylight. Better lighting means drivers can distinguish more contrast and strain their eyes less.
More Illumination from a Smaller Light – Audi LED lights are small, but they pack in way more power. Each tiny LED light is just one millimeter and can be combined for extreme illumination.

More Design Options – LED technology has allowed Audi’s designers more freedom to create a wide variety of lighting configurations. The small LED lights are combined and clustered into an array of shapes so that headlights no longer have to be square boxes.

Faster Light Time – Audi taillights are capable of lighting up 10 times faster than standard lights. This means the driver behind you will see your brake lights quicker, which should enable them to react faster.

In 2013 Audi debuted their smart Matrix Beam headlights, which took LED lighting technology up a few notches. Instead switching back and forth between high and low beams the Matrix Beam headlights can sense light from oncoming traffic and automatically makes adjustments. Unfortunately, Audi USA dealerships can’t yet carry vehicles with the new adaptive lighting features. An outdated 1968 regulation that states all vehicles have to have the capability of switching between high and low beam lighting is keeping them off showroom floors.

The Laser Headlights of the 2014 Audi R8 LMX

As with any technological innovation adoption starts off slow. Audi’s laser lights were first seen on the R18 E-tron Quattro LMP1 racecar, but now they can be seen off the track. The 2014 Audi R8 LMX is the first production version model from the manufacturer to be outfitted with the new laserlight technology. It uses a laser spot to increase the range of the lighting.

These new lights are joined by the Matrix Beam headlight system, which was incorporated into the 2013 Audi R8. With so much innovation it’s clear to see that the 2014 Audi R8 LMX has a bright future.

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