For many BMW enthusiasts, simply owning a BMW isn’t enough. BMW car clubs offer not only camaraderie among owners, but can also be a valuable source of information for repair and parts questions, upcoming events, current news, racing, and cruising. Check out some of the most popular BMW clubs around the country, including car clubs and internet forums.

Car Clubs
BMW Car Clubs are dominated by the BMW Car Club of America, but there are a few others worth noting as well.

BMW Car Club of America – The BMW Car Club of America (BMWCCA) boasts over 75,000 members and is the largest BMW club in the US. The club is recognized as an official club by BMW and has hundreds of chapters all over the country. The Austin chapter is known as the Tejas Chapter

BMW Vintage & Classic Car Club of America – Some BMW enthusiasts prefer the classic styling of vintage cars compared to modern BMWs. The BMW Vintage & Classic Car Club of America is a chapter of the BMWCCA that is dedicated to the classic BMWs of years passed (though ownership of one is not a requirement for membership).

BMW Club Racing Special Interest Group – If you race BMWs, this is your club. As one of the few clubs on this list that is not associated with the BMWCCA, the BMW Club Racing Special Interest Group is fairly exclusive; membership requirements include a racing license, proof that you’re in the process of obtaining a racing license, or status as a racing official.

Z Series Car Club of America – The BMW Z-Series has evolved extensively over the years, and this club offers all past and future Z owners a place to show their pride. The ZSCCA also holds an annual “ZFest,” which began as the BMW Roadster Homecoming which was held in BMW’s US manufacturing headquarters in Spartanburgh, South Carolina. Now the club sponsors their own event which has moved around to various locations throughout the country.

Internet Forums & Online Clubs

The fastest growing car clubs are virtual. The information available from the internet’s ability to connect people from all over the world is far more abundant than any regional car club can offer, and it’s for this reason that many enthusiasts have moved online.

Bimmerfest – The largest BMW forum on the internet boasts over 200,000 members discussing their cars. The forums home page lists subforums for just about any model of BMW you can imagine.

BimmerPost – Bimmerpost is a smaller forum than Bimmerfest, but they also have a blog and include model forums as well as regional forums that are useful for local meetups.

5-Series Forums – Don’t let the name throw you off—the 5-Series forum has a wealth of information not limited to BMW’s 5-Series. The forum lists a number of other models and also has boards dedicated to maintenance, past 5-Series models, and car detailing.

Reddit’s r/BMW – Reddit has a subreddit for just about anything and BMWs are no different. The latest BMW news and information pops up here, and information from other online forums sometimes ends up here as well.

R3Vlimited – This forum is solely dedicated to BMW e30 3-Series Sedans. While most of our suggestions aren’t this specific, this particularly forum is a thriving community of lovers of this legendary model. If you’re a fan of E30s, you need to be on this forum.

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