Avoid costly repairs to your BMW due to interior flood damage!!  Did Austin BMW repair experts just say “Flood Damage”.   You do not have to have a convertible or leave your windows down to incur thousands of dollars of BMW repairs due to flood damage.

As Austin’s leader in BMW Repair, we want you to know some simple BMW Service tips that can save you thousands and make a difference!  Your BMW can incur thousands of dollars of damage to electronic systems including your BMW engine and transmission electronics, your BMW sound system and comfort controls.  This type of damage will leave you stranded and send your BMW to the service center.

You may not be aware, but your BMW is designed to drain rain water through the doors and body of your BMW.   Drains in the doors, roof, below the windshield and in the trunk of your BMW channel water safely through your BMW and to the ground below.  When these drains get clogged with leaves and other debris, water backs up into your BMW interior and collects on the floor and other parts of your BMW interior where water and moisture are not intended to be.

Your BMW has very expensive sensitive electronic components located under the seats and in critical areas behind the dash and in the trunk.  Under normal conditions these are protected from moisture and the rain water is routed through the body of your BMW.

Listen to Austin’s BMW repair experts – check your BMW’s body drains, sunroof drains and Air Conditioning drains to ensure any leaves or other debris do are not obstructing water’s path safely through your BMW.  If you have any questions, come by and visit Austin BMW repair experts and see us at German Auto Center and we will be happy to assist you.

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