BMW i3 Owner’s Guide

Electric cars have come a long way in the last decade. Tesla turned the auto world on its head with an electric car that rivaled other sports cars in style and performance. Now, BMW is getting in the game with an electric car of its own. The BMW i3 is helping to make luxury electric cars available to more people.

Let’s take a look at this innovative, top-selling BMW machine.

High Design, Tons of Performance and Zero Emissions

BMW’s eDrive system is changing things. It’s changing the way people drive. It’s changing the face of electric cars. It’s changing the impact transportation has on the environment. The BMW i3 makes it possible to drive around the city emission-free on a high-powered lithium battery. Unlike many other electric cars, performance isn’t sacrificed to lower the emissions.

The BMW i3 is capable of going from 0 to 100 in 7.2 seconds and puts out impressive torque. The low center of gravity also helps the car to handle much better than most electric and hybrid vehicles. It’s a perfect blend of efficiency and power.

The BMW i3 hits on the hatchback design that has been growing in popularity. But even the design feeds into the efficiency of the car. While it still feels roomy, the interior space is clean and minimal. The exterior is purposely smooth with few edges to inch out every bit of performance. Because of this, the entire body seems to flow together as one solid form.

The response within the U.S. market has been strong. In the first six months that the i3 was available it sold 1,000+ units per month, which made it the top-selling plug-in vehicle in America.

BMW i3 Innovative Engine Design

A unique feature of the BMW i3 is its optional engine configuration. For those that want the option to use gas to go longer distances instead of relying solely on electric power, there is the Range Extender REx. This is a combustion engine that can extend the range to 150 miles. The best part is that you can still run off of electric power and the REx engine runs a generator that charges the battery.

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