There is no denying that the BMW M3 models are extremely well made vehicles. That said, like all cars, the M3 has its quirks. After 27 years on the road there are very few complaints with this sport coupe.

The issues most commonly reported include:

Leaks in the Power Steering Hose – The M series vehicles have been known to experience power steering hose leaks. In some cases multiple hoses will leak at once. All leaky hoses will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Noisy Differential – If you hear a rubbing noise during tight turns the most likely cause is the limited slip differential. Replacing the fluids with a specialty BMW oil may fix the problem, but in older vehicles the differential may need to be replaced.

Failure Of The Blower Final Stage Fan Resistor – When the heater fan begins acting up it’s a sign that the blower final stage fan resistor has failed and needs to be replaced.

Failures in the Fuel Pump – Owners of 2006 and older M3s have noted that fuel pump failure is a problem. This can be a hard failure where no fuel gets to the engine or a soft failure where fuel volume is low. When either occurs the fuel pump will need to be replaced.

Another factor to keep in mind is that drivers tend to have fun pushing this sporty coupe hard. Many owners also modify the M3 for added performance and speed. When buying used, it may be best to have a qualified BMW technician in Austin inspect the vehicle to better assess its condition. First generation M3s also have a specialized 4-cylinder engine that can require professional maintenance.

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