Record Sales for BMW Continue in April

The BMW Group recently announced that BMW USA sales broke records in the first quarter of 2014, and it appears that the trend is set to continue. This year the Group had its best April ever with 162,093 sales, which is 4.3% higher than the same time last year. The sales numbers include BMWs, Mini Coopers and Rolls-Royce vehicle models.
BMW is by far the best seller of the group with 140,840 of the 2014 April sales. So far this year both new and current models are performing even better than anticipated, including the BMW 2 Series, which has only been available since March.

BMW Year-to-date Sales Numbers by Model:

-BMW 2 Series – 5,000

-BMW 3 Series – 153,623 (3.9% increase over last year)

-BMW 4 Series – 25,859 (released in October 2013)

-BMW 5 Series – 122,510 (4.2% increase over last year)

-BMW 6 Series – 9,999 (19.4% increase over last year)

-BMW X1 Series – 55,342 (11.8% increase over last year)

-BMW X3 Series – 53,098 (9.8% increase over last year)

-BMW X5 Series – 42,753 (20.8% increase over last year)

-BMW i3 Series – 2,996 (US deliveries began at the end of April)

The total BMW sales for 2014 as of the end of April came in at 569,100 for an increase of 11.2% over last year. Executives at BMW are attributing the growth partially to the interest in the new models. This is good news for the manufacturer since they plan to release a total of 16 new or revamped models in the US this year. Due to the strong sales in the first four months, The BMW Group is confident they will hit their goal of selling 2 million vehicles in 2014.

BMW Austin service specialists are following the trends carefully as the year progresses. The new electric BMW i3, which made it’s US debut in Austin, is expected to generate a lot of buyer interest in the capital city throughout 2014.

German Auto Center is doing its part to keep new and used BMWs on the road with expert BMW Austin repair and maintenance services. They have also created a resource guide specifically for BMW Austin owners. New owners are encouraged to familiarize themselves with their owner’s manual and follow the suggested maintenance schedule.

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