If you’ve been keeping up with BMW news lately then you’ve probably heard the chatter about the 2017 5 Series. After years of minor updates, the BMW is giving this long-running lineup a facelift.

The seventh generation of 5 Series models will look and operate more like a 7 Series sedan, but that’s not the biggest change coming round the corner. What is really impressive about the 2017 5 Series is it takes a significant step towards autonomous driving.

2017 5 Series Features That Make Driving More Autonomous

While some love the idea of driver-less cars, many BMW drivers scoff at the idea of letting the car do all the driving. After all, being in control of the ride is the fun part of being behind the wheel. But even the most enthusiastic drivers have to admit that autonomous driving features have their benefits.

Since the industry seems to marching in that direction, it makes sense that BMW would rather be a leader than a follower. Here are some of the most impressive autonomous features that can be found in the upcoming BMW 5 Series.

Car-to-X App

Many autonomous driving experts believe that the Car-to-X app is BMW’s biggest advancement. These experts have long said that the secret to making autonomous driving possible is cars that have the ability to communicate with one another. Well, now the new BMW 5 Series models can.

The Car-to-X App gives your vehicle the ability to share road conditions and weather information with other BMWs. The German automaker has been working on car-to-car communication technology since 2011. Earlier this year BMW and two other car manufacturers teamed up with some of the world’s leading telecommunication companies to form the 5G Automotive Association. The express purpose of the association is to fast-track Car-to-X communication.

Remote Control Parking

Now you can control your BMW 5 Series sedan the same way you operate a small remote-control car. The optional Remote Control Parking feature allows you to get out of the car and then direct it into a space with a control. Never again do you have to worry about banging the door when you’re parked in a tight space.

Semi-Autonomous Driving System

In October BMW made waves with it’s video on the new 5 Series semi-autonomous driving system. The system gives you a warning before an oncoming collision so hopefully you can pull a quick maneuver to avoid the situation. The vehicle helps out by pre-conditioning the brakes. It can also steer and accelerate at speeds up to 130 mph.

Speeding tickets will also be a thing of the past. A camera at the front of the car notes speed limit signs and can automatically adjust the acceleration for you. Don’t worry, if you want to disregard the speed limit you can push it 9 mph over.

Driver Assistance Plus Package

The capabilities noted above are possible with the Driver Assistance Plus Package, which is why it’s being touted as the must-have package for the new BMW 5 Series. It combines the features of Active Driver Assistant with Driver Assistance Plus II.

The package outfits your BMW with autonomous components that can do a lot of the work for you including lane changes, going around obstacles and keeping the vehicle in its own lane. But it also helps with things like navigation, which isn’t autonomous but is much easier.

Clearly BMW is taking the phrase ultimate driving to a new level with the 5 Series that’s expected to roll out in early 2017. The latest 5 Series generation promised to be safer and sportier than ever before while giving drivers the option of letting their car take the wheel.

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