How Intellect is Smartwatch Car Technology?

If you like the innovation of the BMW i3, things are about to get a whole lot more interesting. The German auto manufacturer is about to unveil some impressive technology, but it won’t be at an auto show. BMW is set to show off its smartwatch controlled i3 at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Have you ever wished that you could have your own personal valet for those times when you’d rather just walk into a building instead of having to hoof it from the garage? Well, that day could soon be near. BMW has created a special research i3 that can park itself through the use of a very intelligent smartwatch.

Using what has been dubbed the Remote Valet Parking Assistant the research vehicle can drop a person off at the front door of a building and then navigate its way through a multi-story parking garage without hitting anything. The i3 is able to avoid colliding with walls, pedestrians and other vehicles thanks to laser sensors that detect objects all around the car. The research team also used digital site plans for the garage in order to accomplish the amazing feat of engineering.

The smartwatch is used to activate the Remote Valet Parking Assistant, which will then guide to car to a designated parking spot in the garage. It can also be used to lock the car and alert the vehicle to come pick the driver up at a specific exit at a certain time. BMW officials say this is just a first step in advanced automation for their vehicles. Engineers are also working on an Emergency Stop Assistant feature that would safely stop the car if the driver becomes incapacitated.

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