BMW Sales Top Mercedes-Benz in October

This year has proven to be one of the best ever for BMW. When it comes to luxury vehicles in the U.S., the top two sellers throughout 2014 have been BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Both carmakers had their best month of the year in October, but it still wasn’t enough for Mercedes to overtake BMW for the top spot.

BMW Sales in 2014

In October BMW sold a total of 30,602 vehicles while Mercedes-Benz sold 28,593. This represents an 11% increase for BMW over the same time last year but a 5% decrease for Mercedes-Benz. Year-to-date Mercedes’ sales numbers were up by 7% in October. However, they were still 5,389 short of BMW’s 267,193 total sold vehicles.

The top performers in October were:

The result of this tight competition could be very good for consumers. Analysts are predicting that the two companies will use incentives and price drops to lure in more business throughout the remainder of the year as they bout it out for the top sales spot in 2014.

Ludwig Willisch, the CEO for BMW of North America, is confident that BMW will ultimately be the top-selling luxury brand of 2014. In recent statements he noted that the new BMW 2 and 4 series are doing well and helping to boost sales. The company’s all-electric i3 is also doing well with more than a 1,000 vehicles sold each month since its July 2014 release.

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