If you own a BMW you want to keep it looking hot and running smoothly. Making sure your car remains luxurious means giving it some extra special attention with premium car care products and service. And don’t take your Beemer to any old garage or car wash. It requires some extra TLC.

Here are some BMW car care tips that will keep your car looking and feeling great for as long as you own it.

1. First and foremost, make sure you are following the BMW scheduled service plan. This plan is designed by the factory and provides recommendations that will keep your car running well for years. Just like your body needs tune ups, so does your car. Make sure to follow the BMW scheduled service so that your car runs without a hitch.

2. Another item in the BMW maintenance tips are exterior care. To keep your car looking smoking hot requires premium products and attention to detail. Dirt and debris can affect how your car looks. They can also have some lasting affects if you don’t remove them. Things like salt, dust and everyday dirt can make an impact on the life of your car’s paint. Make sure to keep your car clean.

3. The inside of your car is equally as important. To keep your leather seats soft and comfortable requires top notch cleaning and protecting products. Make sure you vacuum and remove dirt on a regular basis to keep your car looking fantastic for years.

Don’t worry about having to do all of this work yourself. Visit your local BMW certified garage to help you come up with a maintenance plan that keeps you and your car happy.

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