BMW is engineering a driverless car. This makes no sense! BMWs are far and wide considered the most pleasurable cars to drive. The technology involved in creating a driverless car is impressive, but who would want to be in a BMW and let a COMPUTER drive it? BMW should consider making a car with the capacity to let more than one person drive…now THAT would be more like it! Driving my BMW M5 is the best of both worlds—it drives like an Ultimate Driving Machine should, with exquisite road handling and precision performance, and my whole family fits in it comfortably. It’s great to drive a world class car while also being a parent. Not a day goes by when I’m not grateful I don’t have to drive a paneled station wagon like my mother did. Thank you BMW!

At German Auto Center, we take pride in the drive. We specialize in Austin BMW repair and service in addition to other German makes and models. Come see us! We’ll keep your well-engineered German car running like new.

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