Considerations When Buying a Used BMW

In the market for a used BMW? Buying any used car requires careful consideration, but for BMWs there are a number of specific things to keep in mind. Here are the considerations that need to be made to get a solid, pre-owned BMW.

Service History

Because of the long spans between servicing, it’s important to know how long it’s been since the last round of regular maintenance and how regularly it was done in the past. Ask to see the service records and consider getting in touch with the shop that provided the maintenance.

Check All the Electrical Components

BMWs are known for having complex electrical components, which helps keep the brand on the technological edge. However, if the components are faulty or on the fritz the repair costs can add up quick. Make sure to check all the electronic components for perfect performance. Also look for signs of water damage, which often leads to electronic failure.

Production Year

BMWs are classic in their design and their engines are workhorses. Going slightly older is a great way of getting a BMW at a great price. If cost is a top priority look for models that are 4-6 years old.

Cooling System Problems

Issues within the cooling system are a common problem for BMWs. Even in the dead of winter you should test the cooling system to ensure that it puts out frosty air and doesn’t create a leak.

Leaks and Sounds

Austin BMW repairs can be pricey because the parts are expensive and it takes a seasoned mechanic to fix many problems. A telltale sign of potential issues in the near future is a leak. Look for signs of leaks both under the car and within the engine itself. The smell of burnt oil is another sign of a leak within the engine. During the test drive listen to how the car idles and other noises on the road like clunking sounds from the drive train.

Professional Pre-Inspection

It is possible to get pre-owned BMWs inspected by a professional mechanic. Just make sure they are BMW experts that fully understand all the specifications of your preferred model.

Reliable BMW service in Austin, TX is particularly important given the temperature swings and long, hot summers. German Auto Center is a highly respected Austin BMW repair and service shop that can help buyers keep their “new” vehicle running smoothly.


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