Caring For Your Audi (10-19-2011)

Whether you have an A3, an A8 Spyder or something in between, your Audi needs the regular professional maintenance and care from German Auto Center. This preventative care will maintain both value and performance at peak levels, allowing you to enjoy your Audi for even longer.

German Auto Center can help you get the most out of your Audi by performing all regularly scheduled maintenance for your Audi using only factory-approved parts, tools and techniques. Your Audi, like any other finely tuned instrument, needs special attention. You can expect that special attention to go into your car when you bring it to German Auto Center.

Something as seemingly insignificant as the brand of engine oil and tools you use on your Audi can have an impact on the value and longevity of your investment. To protect your Audi’s internal engine components, not only must the type of oil be correct, you must use the correct viscosity specifically formulated for your vehicle, weather and driving style.  To keep your engine components, clean in the Austin heat we strongly recommend you choose Mobil full synthetic 0W-40.  German Auto Center, your Audi auto repair facility, can guide you in choosing the proper lubricants for your Audi.   German Auto Center performs all factory scheduled maintenance for your Audi.

Regular checks under the hood play an important part in maintaining your Audi’s value and performance. Ensuring that all fluids stay at optimal levels will go a long way toward avoiding costly unscheduled repairs. GAC, your Austin, Texas Audi repair facility, can assist you in learning the proper steps to perform this important and regular inspection.

You enjoy diving your Audi and want to get the most life out of your car. The team at German Auto Center has the tools and the know-how to help you keep your car at peak performance for years.

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