If you own, or plan to own, a BMW then you’re probably curious about what engine problems are most common so you know what to look out for. Below is a rundown that outlines the most common engine problems we see at German Auto Center in Austin, TX.

Water Pump Failure

It’s not unheard of for the water pump to go, especially in the 7 Series. When this occurs a coolant leak is usually one of the first signs.

Cooling System Leaks

Leaks in the coolant system occur most commonly in the expansion tank, but problems could be present in other components. If your BMW is overheating one of the first places to check is the cooling system.

Vacuum Leaks

The crankcase ventilation system is notorious for causing a number of problems including vacuum leaks. Other sources of vacuum leaks include the intake boots and cracked hoses.

Leaks in the Valve Cover Gasket

This occurs most frequently when the engine gets over the 60,000-mile mark. Watch out for signs of leaks under the car and the smell of burning oil.

Fuel Injector Failure

When your BMW begins to misfire and ride rough there’s a good chance that the fuel injector has failed.

Fuel Pump Problems

If you’ve noticed that your BMW is idling rough on a cold start the fuel pump could be failing.

Power Steering Leaks

The power steering hoses are prone to getting leaks. If one has to be replaced it’s usually best to go ahead and replace them all.

Thermostat Failure and Overheating

It’s not uncommon for the thermostat to go, which triggers the check engine light. Getting the issue fixed quickly is important because if left unchecked it can lead to the engine overheating.

To avoid potential engine problems, regular maintenance is a must. Austin BMW maintenance is crucial since long summers with little rain can create hot, dry conditions that wear parts and systems quicker. German Auto Center is a Porsche-certified shop that offers top quality BMW repair in Austin, TX. Give us a call if you would like to schedule regular maintenance or are in need of a repair.

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