Buying a used Porsche is often far more economical than buying new when you look at the price tag. However, all vehicles have long-term costs that should be factored in. These include gas, insurance, oil, servicing, maintenance and repair. Like many places, Porsche repair in Austin isn’t cheap.

If you’re buying used be aware that there are common Porsche repairs that every owner will have to deal with at one point or another. The older your Porsche is the sooner you’ll have to handle them. Below are some of the most common repairs for most used Porsche models:


These repairs can add up to thousands in additional costs. When shopping around for a used Porsche inquire about what repairs have been done, how recently they were done and who did them. High mileage is another indicator of how likely it is that repairs will be needed to keep the Porsche on the road.

No matter how carefully you look the Porsche over and no matter how clean it appears to be, odds are within the first few months you’ll notice little repairs that need to made. The newer the Porsche the fewer the repairs, so buy as new as you can afford upfront.

Servicing Used Porsche Models

Regular, thorough servicing gets more important the older your Porsche gets. Preventative maintenance will keep used Porsche models running smoothly and head off problems before they become costly repairs. Servicing used Porsche models includes the following:


If you find a used Porsche that was regularly serviced and the owner has a record of the servicing that’s a good sign that you’re getting a Porsche that was taken care of. In Austin and the rest of Central Texas you should schedule servicing on used Porsche models once a year. The hot temperatures and humid environment can cause plastics and rubbers to erode faster than they do in other parts of the U.S. At the very least the Porsche should have been serviced once every two years.

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