As Austin’s leader in BMW Repair, we want you to know that your choice at the gas pump makes a difference!  You might not be saving on that fill up if you are not using the proper octane fuel.  With the price of gasoline at $4 per gallon it may be tempting to some Austin BMW owners to opt for the lower cost of lower octane fuels.  Listing to Austin’s BMW service experts!

To better understand octane ratings and why it is important to use the right fuel in your BMW consider this: octane is a measure of anti-detonation of gasoline fuel. This means that the higher the rating, the more heat and compression the fuel in your BMW can take before it explodes. When we put low octane fuel in a BMW high-performance (high-compression) engine it will cause the engine to knock, a very undesirable condition. When your BMW engine is knocking the fuel is exploding prematurely and trying to push the pistons back down in your BMW engine cylinders before they reach the end of their travel at the top of the cylinder. In essence, the knocking is the sound of your BMW engine slowly beating itself internally (and unfortunately, sometimes to death).  Listen to Austin BMW repair experts – you do not want this.

Your BME’s computer controlled ignition fuel injection system incorporates knock sensors that can detect a knocking condition and automatically detune your BME high performance engine until no knocking is detected. The automatic detuning will save the engine but will result in poor performance and poor fuel efficiency – hence lowering your BMW’s overall gas mileage.

Before making the mistake of putting low octane fuel in your high performance BMW, listen to Austin’s BMW service experts and only use the recommended fuel type.  If you have any questions, check your owner’s manual for recommend fuel types – or simply come by and visit Austin BMW repair experts and see us at German Auto Center and we will be happy to assist you.

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