For many decades, German cars have been among the most coveted vehicles. They are known for reliability, safety and quality features. While 2012’s new lineup offers the best in technology, several past models deserve recognition.

Mercedes 300SL
This sleek little car first hit the showrooms in 1952. However, the most memorable versions of it were produced between 1955 and 1957. These models had gull wing doors and were the first four-stroke cars with direct gasoline injection. During those years, the Mercedes 300SL was one of the fastest production cars on the road.

BMW Isetta
When most people hear the term clown car, a vehicle that looks similar to the Isetta comes to mind. It looked like a compact version of the popular 1950s automobile style. However, there was only enough room for one person. The Isetta was unique because of its single front-opening door, which also contained the windshield.

Porsche 356
Anyone who knows the famous actor James Dean has probably heard about this vehicle, which was commonly called the Porsche Speedster. Production for the Porsche 356 began in 1948. It had a smooth look because of its unibody construction. Unfortunately, only about half of the 76,000 original models still exist today.

Whether you own a new or vintage model, every person who owns a German car knows how unique their vehicles are and how important it is to keep them fully functioning. Consistent maintenance and repair service in Austin for BMW, Porsche, Mercedes service, or any other German make is a must for these vehicle owners.

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