“I credit my Mercedes E-class with saving my family’s lives. We were driving through North Carolina last summer when we hit a sudden foggy patch as we climbed up a mountain road. At the same time, a deer jumped in front of us. If I hadn’t been able to make a very sharp swerve at just the right angle, we would have hit the deer and a truck coming the other direction, as well as probably also driving off the road. Knowing I could make that type of precision turn because I was in my E-Class, and the car’s precision response, saved our lives that day.”

Recently there have been numerous television ads featuring testimonials from drivers of Mercedes who lived through dangerous accidents. I myself credit two different Mercedes I have been in for saving my life when driving in icy conditions and having to rely on split-second timing. If I alone have two stories like this about a Mercedes, imagine how many more stories there must be about the Mercedes ability to save lives.

At German Auto Center, safety on the road is our top priority. We offer Austin Mercedes repair and service as well as Austin BMW repair and service. Own a German make? Come see us to assure that your car is offering you and your family the highest possible level of safety.

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