Right from the onset, the Porsche Boxster’s M96 engine (and subsequent M97) was developed to offer superior performance and scalability. However, mechanical endeavors are rarely perfect on the first attempt. Over the years a number of deficiencies have been identified and fixed in latter versions of the engine.

At our Austin Porsche repair shop we’ve worked on a number of Boxsters since their release in 1996. Here are some of the most common repairs that we’ve come across:

The need for regular oil changes can’t be stressed enough. Standard Porsche service calls for oil changes every 10,000 miles, however for the best engine performance, Boxster owners should change the oil every 5,000 miles.

If you live in Central Texas and need Porsche service or repair for your Boxster, German Auto Center can help. Our highly trained mechanics can provide expert diagnostics and have the experience needed to correct all the common engine issues in Porsche Boxster models across the years

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