Talk of Tesla Contributing to BMW Batteries Has Begun

Since this summer there was a lot of buzz about Tesla sharing its electric car technology. Unlike many businesses, Tesla appears to be willing to invite competitors behind the scenes to utilize their patented information. BMW may be the first company to get that opportunity.

BMW Charging Stations and Tesla-Inspired Batteries

Tesla has been an undisputed leader in electric cars for over a decade now. Their roadster proved that electric cars can be sporty as well as practical. The Model S sedan expanded the brand’s electric transportation to a whole new market, and the Model X out next year will add a crossover utility vehicle to their lineup.

But their biggest goal is to change the transportation landscape. Tesla wants to boost the electric car industry as a whole, and one of their first partners will likely be BMW. Right now the latter has the BMW i3, an all-electric vehicle, and the BMW i8 a hybrid sports car. The demand is growing for electric cars, but the one hindrance for all makes and models has been the battery supply.

Most of the top electric cars, including the BMW i3 can go more than 80 miles on a single charge. While this is a major progression, the Tesla Model S 85D can go 295 miles. And they soon could be sharing that impressive technology with BMW. USA Today recently reported that the two companies were in talks about a possible collaboration on BMW batteries, which could mean that BMW’s electric cars are about to go a lot further.

This news comes after announcements from Tesla this summer that they would be willing to open up their high-speed battery service station network to other car manufacturers. This would be a huge advancement in electric transportation since Tesla has invested in 97 charging stations around the country. The company reports that Tesla owners can now go across the country without ever having to worry about their power supply. They also have stations up and down both coasts of the U.S.

The Austin BMW service experts at German Auto Center are predicting that a collaboration is highly likely, which will be a game-changer within the electric car industry. BMW is one of the top-selling brands in the world with the clout to make electric transportation truly mainstream. That’s a goal Tesla has been working towards and BMW could help make happen.

German Auto Center

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